50 Most Important eAmericans: No. 30-21

Day 390, 13:22 Published in USA USA by Lowell Kennedy

This is a continuation of the list of the most important eAmericans of all time. I’d like to thank TheSupernatural for submitting his bio, which I’ve edited. I’ve attempted to write more in bios as the ranking increase.

No. 50-41 can be found here.
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Numbers 30 through 21 follow and I will start with number 30.

30 – Diarmuid Trelsman
Diarmuild Trelsman--or as he was nicknamed, Diar--was an early generation politician of the United States. He was a Liberty Party member, serving once as party president and also as the party’s nominee for the presidency. He quit the game in May. He moved to the Czech Republic to die, but has not yet because some Czechs refuse to let it happen.

29 – Rocco Baldelli
Rocco Baldelli is an influential member of the USWP. After moving from Italy, he was an early member of the USWP and, in part, responsible for the growth of the party. He has served numerous Congressional terms and he currently represents Maine. He has also served as the Director of the FBI. Within the USWP, he has served as party president, party vice president, and chief of staff.

28 – Vos
Vos was an immigrant originally from Sweden but he moved to America for opportunities. He was among the first immigrants to this country that made an impact. He served as mayor of Sacramento and bought California its Q3 hospital. He published articles in his newspapers Twisted Logic and Twisted Perspective, an English and a Swedish version respectively. His character is back in Sweden now. It is unknown if he still plays.

27 – TheSupernatural
The Emperor of Fungasms—TheSupernatural joined the eRepublik in February. He has taken the job of heading the Department of Fun, earning the self-appointed nickname. He has used his newspaper, The Ultimate Propaganda, for sometimes satirical articles like the popular “Who the Hell is Roby Petric?”

In terms of politics, he served three times in Congress for the Libertarian Party. After the Libertarian Party scandal involving Martin Sunter, he helped to found the Neo Libertarian Party. He has been elected a party president of various small parties four times and now finds himself the party president of the reincarnated Apathetic Cynics United. In addition, he served a term as mayor of Austin, Texas.

26 – Peter Gibbons
Peter Gibbons was an early American from Texas. He would use his newspaper, Austin Chronicle, to be a vocal supporter of the Korbin King and Nave Saikiliah presidencies. He served as one of the first members of the Department of Defense. He was known for his disdain for Canadians, especially during the Can-Am War. He would quit the game complaining about the war module.

25 – Joeph Cole
Joeph Cole is a politician and now a military man originally from Arizona. He served one term as the mayor. He also served numerous terms as a congressman for the Erepublikans For Change and then the United Constitutionalists. He is also known for shifting the colors of the old, generic beta avatar to serve as his avatar.

24 – Evan Bayh
Evan Bayh is best remembered for his role in the Evan Bayh scandal. He was also known as PedoChad (a previously banned account). Evan Bayh served as the party president of the AAP and founded the modern version of the party. He was initially attacked for his double-cross of Uncle Sam that allowed himself to become a presidential nominee. Then he would go on to lose the party presidency to Citizen HEM. When it became apparent that he would lose, he changed the party’s name and description to vulgar and crude dictions. The events were nicknamed the Evan Bayh scandal. The AAP lost some momentum due to the scandal. He is now banned.

23 – GeekyGator
GeekyGator was a politician from Florida. He served a term as the party president of the Libertarian Party, preceding Time. He also served as a Congressman. Additionally, he served in several cabinets. GeekyGator is perhaps best known for being an economic advisor to the president. After the emergence of V1, he has disappeared.

22 – Moishe
Moishe is a leading military mind in eRepublik. He initially became involved in the US National Guard. From there, he moved up the ranks and was appointed General of the Army. Under his stewardship, the military infrastructure underwent significant changes and updates. Numerous new initiatives were started under him and many processes were streamlined. In November 2008, Moishe resigned his position after a difficult relationship with Benn Dover. Just afterwards, he moved to South Africa. While in South Africa, he was unexpectedly appointed to lead the Army of South Africa. He has since returned to America.

21 – Maalygos
Maalygos was one of the first citizens of the US. He was a politician and successful businessman. He was the leader of the Republican Party and he ran for the presidency against Korbin King several times unsuccessfully. Additionally, he was a partner in the US News and Classifieds, one of the earliest and most successful American newspapers. He has since passed away.

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