50 Most Important eAmericans: No. 40-31

Day 388, 15:29 Published in USA USA by Lowell Kennedy

This is a continuation of the list of the most important eAmericans of all time.

No. 50-41 can be found here.

Numbers 40 through 31 follow and I will start with number 40.

40 – Citizen HEM
The Ohioan, Citizen HEM, was the twice-elected party president of the America’s Advancement Party (AAP). He has recently resigned the position. He was outspoken in the Evan Bayh scandal and, in part because of it, elected party president to succeed Bayh. He has served a term in Congress.

39 – Rise
Rise is a politician from Virginia. He is the founder of the Federalist Party. Rise also served a term as the mayor of Richmond. He was originally a member of the eRepublicans for Change (RfC), rising to serve as the party vice president.

38 – InfernoSD
InfernoSD is the top-ranked citizen in Japan. He is originally from the United States. He served four terms as the party president of the GameFAQs Party where he preceded ExoM7. He moved to Japan around the release of V1.

37 – King Waseem
The Japanese political heavyweight was born in America. He has served three presidential terms in Japan and four total congressional terms. In fact, his political beginnings can be traced back to this country: he was a two term congressman in the United States. He left the country in May after his disillusionment with American leadership. King Waseem continues to be active in Asia.

36 – Lucios Nava
Lucios Nava was an immigrant to the United States. He established the Power International Party (PIP), one of the country’s first center-right parties. In the first election after the party’s formation, he led PIP to five congressional seats, including getting himself elected. Additionally, he would serve as the nation’s vice president. He eventually became a presidential candidate himself but failed to get elected. He has since passed away.

35 – Peter Green
Peter Green is an American politician and businessman. He is the founder of the US Green Party. Furthermore, he is currently the Green Party’s president. He has also served as the party president of USWP, where he developed the first party-owned company. He resides in Washington, D.C.

34 – Time
Time is the current and twice-elected party president of the Libertarian Party. In addition, he served as a mayor for 2 terms and as a congressman for 2 terms. He now resides in Florida.

33 – Lukasz Makowski
Lukasz Makowski is an American politician. He is the current Party President of USWP, the world’s largest party. Within the USWP, he has served as the Chief of Staff and the Foreign Relations Director. Outside of USWP, he has been a Congressman from Wisconsin, Mayor of Madison, and the US Secretary of State.

32 – Took Lowind
Took Lowind is a politician and journalist from Washington, D.C. He has served in numerous presidential cabinets and has played an influential role in the Citizen Expansion Program. He is also a former two-term Congressman and party vice president. In addition to his political contributions, Took Lowind is a well-known journalist in this country and he has focused his efforts on improving American media.

31 – Ron Paul
Ron Paul is an American politician. He was a six-time Congressman for the eRepublicans for Change. He also served as the party president of the RfC, where he was once a vice presidential running mate. Additionally, he served as mayor of Tallahassee.

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