.:Christmas, a message of love from eThailand:.

Day 387, 18:30 Published in Thailand Austria by Antonio Salgado

Hi my friends,

Christmas is coming and I have two missions for you guys, if you wanna help.


Lets buy gifts( dont need to be the game gifts, but: food, gifts, weapons... maybe a house....) and lets donate to people we dont know. But not only people only of the country, lets show to all people of the world that here in eThailand we have a love generation, lets shine in this DARK TIMES.

No one need to help, my present i already choose, i will give a house Q2 for some lucky person. I wish everybody to help, if you dont have much money, jsut buy a q3 food and give, the important is the message. If you cant log in in the christmas day or night leave it before, and remember of leave a message to your blessed brother.


Please vote here and let more people join us in this effort!


Amigos do mundo, Olá.

O natal está chegando, então peço sua ajuda para duas coisas:


Vamos enviar ao mundo uma mensagem de amor, começando aqui da tailandia, mas sem fronteiras. Vamos doar presentes para algum estrangeiro( eu no meu caso doarei uma casa Q2), pode ser qualquer presente, desde food até casas( se alguém quiser doar um defense system Q5 pra tailandia tb hehehehe.

Doem e enviem junto do presente uma mensagem. Doem no dia do natal ou quando acharem apropriado.


Votem esse artigo e ajudem nos esforços!


Antonio Christmas bag:

House Q2
House Q1( donated by musketeer)
3 food Q4( donated by n3m0) * already donated to: Austria, Korea and Slovakia.
1 food Q3, 1 weapon Q2 and 1 moving ticket( donated by tyson jacobs)* already donated to: Brazil, Romenia and Indonesia
3 gifts Q3( donated by Gentyle)* already donated to: France, USA and Italy
1 food Q2( donated by leonardo baley)* already donated to: Italy