50 Most Important eAmericans: No. 50-41

Day 386, 21:11 Published in USA USA by Lowell Kennedy

At a time of great national patriotism, I have undertaken a somewhat audacious process of trying to create a list of the 50 most important eAmericans of all time. They are politicians, economists, business owners, and warriors and their contributions—for better or worse—have helped to shape today’s United States.

This list is by no means perfect. It cannot be because it is a subjective ranking of very different individuals. However, I have attempted to balance between the primacy and recency of various candidates. I have included individuals for single great acts or for cumulative achievement. Preference was given to those that are in America and activity was considered. Additionally, I have weighed and deliberated over 100 members of our society. From that, I cut it down to a list of 70. And from there, I reached the select 50. I will release segments of the list in a serial format with bios of the different members. I would encourage new players to read and learn the history of some of the country’s most colorful individuals. I would also like to encourage other citizens to offer their thoughts on the list and the rankings. Additionally, please subscribe to receive notification of the latest release. Finally, I would like to thank Benn Dover, Dishmcds, Jordan Miller, Korbin King, Mercer, and Royamen for their various contributions as I compiled this list.

The first part of the list follows. In a reverse countdown, I will start with number 50.

50 – William Shafer
Among the youngest players to make the list, William Shafer is the General of the Army as well as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at present. He worked his way up the entire chain of command to be the leader of American armed forces. In addition to his military exploits, Shafer serves as a congressman from Michigan.

49 – Bl1ndn3ss
Bl1ndn3ss is originally from Portugal. Up until recently, he was the leader of the Democratic Party and had been for the last three months. He was the handpicked successor of outgoing party and country president Archibald. Before rising to party presidency, he was the head of the welcoming committee for the Democrats. He resided in Georgia and has since moved to Thailand.

48 – Alucard Bloodlust
Alucard Bloodlust is a world-renowned mercenary. He is not confined by borders and has played very little role in the United States. However, while in America, he became the world’s first general during the Indo-South African War. He is recognized in the official history of eRepublik for the accomplishment. He currently resides in Massachusetts.

47 – Leo Ruby
Leo Ruby is Floridian politician. He was the last mayor of Tallahassee before the release of V1. He has also served a term in Congress. He is known for his fervent demand to stay in and/or revert to the Beta period. He has sought the presidency recently but was defeated.

46 – PrincessMedyPi
PrincessMedyPi is one of the most important women in eAmerican history. She was born in Oregon, but moved to Turkey with the promise of success. After a brief interlude in Mexico, she succeeded in Turkey, becoming elected to Congress and serving as the party president of People’s Democratic Voice. She was also a presidential contender while in Turkey. She has returned to America and been elected to represent Alaska in Congress.

45 – Danny Boodmann T. D. Lemon Novecento
The world’s longest name was originally an Italian immigrant to the United States. He was active in the Erepublikans For Change and eventually was elected to a mayoral term in Sacramento. Additionally, he is a business partner in the housing, defense system, and wood industries of America. He has since moved to Austria and recently served as that country’s president.

44 – Kokach
Kokach is a former American military leader. He served as the National Security Council director, being appointed after BuzzyTheCat. He was also an early member of the USWP and served Congressional time representing them. He currently resides in the United Kingdom.

43 – John Dilinger
John Dilinger is a permanently banned citizen. The reasons for his ban are unknown. During his time, he was among the wealthiest American citizens. He was the owner of the Fourth Wall, the pre-eminent housing company of the US. His ban completely upset the housing markets and also upset the American economy.

42 – ExoM7
ExoM7 is a former seven-term mayor of Nashville. He also served as the party president of the GameFAQs (GFAQs). He currently resides in Iran and moves around to fight in resistance wars.

41 – Kronas
Kronas is a politician and international freedom fighter from Boston. He has participated in a half-dozen resistance wars. He has served a term as mayor of Boston. He has also served two terms in Congress. Kronas became a UCP member after an infamous falling out with the USWP, especially in regards to Kokach.

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