Our Country treasury has been stolen

Day 385, 12:30 Published in Austria Austria by Aanok Tourmil

No, it's not a joke. God knows I wish it were.

First of all, know the names of the thieves: Andak and our former President, Danny Boodmann T. D. Lemon Nov. Yeah, you read right. The same guy I wanted to be my successor in November.

Wanna know how it went? It's my fault, basically. For not being smart enough to distrust those I trusted as close friends. For jokingly telling them, face to face (I know them very well IRL), how to do it.
It happened on December, 3rd, around 10 pm (GMT), if I remember correctly.
Basically, Danny was still the President and thus knew the password for the Bank of Austria. It was very simple for him to enter the account and move a large sum of money (we lost something like 290 Gold) on the monetary market, in exchange for a ridicule amount of ATS, to an unknown location.

I tried to talk some sense into them, effortlessly. So I faked a bribery to shut my mouth, and was thus able to recover 100 Gold pieces, which are now safely stored in the Bank of Austria (whose password I changed). I tried to make them put the money back in the Bank while they set up a fake to discharge the guilt upon (seriously?), in hope of managing to change somehow the account password in the meantime. They put in only my cut of the money. I was going to tell them to put all the money in and change the password themselves (I would have then changed it myself via password recovery procedures), but they managed to find this old fake of theirs and beat me on time with donating the money to it.

OUR Gold was donated by the Bank account to the fake (SAYONARA is his name), then it was for sure moved again with monetary market transactions. Where to, I don't know.

So, I'm defeated. By two retards.

Though, we still have a last, feeble hope. A one law I manage to get passed last month; you saw it in my last article: the Departments Manifesto.

Here's a screenshot; look at the underlined part:

It makes their actions illegal, thus pursuable. The only barrier are admins: will they recognize our Congress authority and thus have the law enacted?

I've reported it all to the admins. So I manage to see them banned for multi-accounting, at least.
Remember people: if you don't see their usernames replaced with "Banned", leave this game. It means its creators and managers don't care at all about their players (which, incidentally, happen to be their customers too).

And now, we must come to the final conclusion this is bringing us to.

Do you still want such an incompetent President that he couldn't even have his friends respect our Country?

It's up to you. If you ask, I will resign from my position.

-Aanok Tourmil