Yes, Congressman Toothpaste is an imperialist

Day 383, 07:57 Published in Sweden USA by Toothpaste
The Swedish communist party MSAP is trying to slander FBS with calling us imperialists and make it sound like its a bad thing.

Well, I can only speak for my self but yes, I am an imperialist. But who isn't; who doesn't want to own a slave... or a midget or two just for entertainment?

I've got a midget in my entourage, Grev Per is his name. I whip that Dane every day, thats why he is so cranky and smokes a lot. *whaves to "Smokey"*

But Germans, Danes or French aren't and wont be slaves in the old fashion meaning. They got their rights, they can work, move or even start a company and own midgets them selves and join the politics.

We don't want to keep every region of the conquered countries, Germany got most of their regions back, even Danes are allowed to start their own country - the thing is that they don't really want to, they say that their regions are crap and they got nothing av value in their regions.

They know that Sweden is rich and powerful and gives them plenty of opportunity to create personal wealth and satisfaction. Thats why my midget got so little support from his fellow Danes. I mean, we have companies that have more employees than the danish revolutionary party got members.

Sweden keeps only some of the conquered regions so the natives can choose to live under a better rule, our, or their native one. We give people freedom of choice!

If you want to give such freedom to other less fortunate people around the world don't hesitate to join the glorious FBS party today or/and our organized military force or even the Secret Service to become the next James Bond. Lets give people a choice, together!

Swedish Congress, FBS