What an electoral struggle, lol

Day 382, 05:33 Published in Austria Austria by Aanok Tourmil

Man, it's been hard winning these elections 😛

Thank you all citizens who voted me and put your trust in me. The same goes for the Party Presidents who decided not to have one of their men run for the elections. Truly, thank you all, people!

Though, just to start well, I'm going to be away from home today and tomorrow. RL, you know. I still have a couple of minutes before leaving, though, and I'll try to start some discussions in the Congress.

In the meantime, I would like to take the chance to ask whose of you citizens are available to take some positions in our government. Our current public charges approved by the Congress are the following (this is something much alike a law we passed last month):

General rules
Ministers for the Departments are appointed by the President and may as well be dismissed by the President at any time.
Before taking relevant initiatives, Ministers will need to consult and get approved by the Congress.
Ministers will have to ask for funds projecting their expected needs, or otherwise on a per-case basis. Their request will have to be approved by the Congress. However, the President might bypass this procedure in case of urgent need.

Department of Foreign Affairs (taken by mappina)
Its duty is to maintain desirably good relationships with foreign Countries. Every relevant decision has to be previously discussed with the Congress before being enacted.

Department of Economy
Its duty is to watch over the wellbeing of the national economy through taxation, tariffs, incentives, and monetary injections to alter the ATS exchange rate. His main tool is the Bank of Austria, through which it can operate monetary transactions on behalf of the government. Single transactions do not require direct Congress approval if not for values superior than 40 gold. Consulting in peculiar cases is however strongly advised.

Bank of Austria (taken by me, sorry 🙂 )
The Bank of Austria acts as a tool for the Department of Economy, making required transactions on its behalf. It can grant loans to citizens and companies: in this it has to follow a previously fixed policy, but is otherwise free to decide. Though, consulting in peculiar cases, again, is strongly advised.

Department of Defense (taken by Mappina)
Its duties are to manage the budget and organization of the National Army and to actually lead the troops in battle in case of conflict. It gets funds from the government through the Bank of Austria and then distributes it to the Battaillon Commanders to have their soldiers buy equipment on the market. Contracts for supplies have to be approved by the Congress and paid through the Bank of Austria.

Department of Welfare
Its duty is to help the less well-off citizens with their welness by sending them gifts. It gets funds through the Bank of Austria and has to follow a previously fixed policy.

Department of education
Its duties are to train new citizens' skills to higher levels while granting them a stable wage, and managing the national companies. It seeks for economical independence and gets money from or transfers money to the Bank of Austria. Its general policies have to be fixed in the Congress.

When I'm back, though, I would like to change the name of the Dept. of Education to something more appopriate (with V1 there is no more a minimum skill required for high-Q jobs, so no training is required anymore) and to add a new figure: a President (or Chancellor) of the Congress, that is to say an official moderator of the discussions in the Congress forum.

Of course, you know of the policies I plan to enact, but if you have some different ideas about some of them and you would like to be in the corresponding department, fell free to state them here and/or PM them to me.

Thank you again, folks! Sorry, I'm in a bit of a hurry :/