Declaration of Grievance Against Sweden by Germany

Day 377, 18:12 Published in Sweden Germany by Bundesministerium des Inneren

Recently, Germany noticed a new donation proposal in the Swedish congress:

According to messages posted on the Swedish national forum, this DEM is to be used to fund the Q5 defense industry in Germany.

This contradicts previous arrangements and intentions made with Germany, both to donate the DEM to the national org "Bundesbank" and to arrange for the German acquisition of said defense company located on German soil in Bavaria.

Germany asks that Sweden notify us when they are to abruptly change policy in such ways as this in order to promote unity between our two great nations. It pains us when such a great friend and ally hides information from Germany especially pertaining to large sums of German money.

So, Germany formally warns Sweden that it will declare an EMBARGO against Sweden upon election of either DKN or Justin Tyme if Sweden does not renegotiate some terms with Germany. Both Candidates agree on the Embargo Act, although it pains them to do so. We want nothing but peace and companionship between our two great nations; and believe us when we say we are truly sorry it has come to this. This is by no means a declaration of hostility; it it simply a sign to show that Sweden cannot betray agreements among friendly nations. If Sweden does open diplomatic ties and renegotiate with Germany, the embargo will be fully dropped.

Again, Germany apologizes to Sweden for this, but if Sweden wants to deny economic information with Germany, then Sweden cannot cooperate with Germany in trade.