eRepublik of Croatia - Zdravo Hrvatska!

Day 372, 11:07 Published in USA by Plato

Dear citizens,

The time has come for the Croats to settle in the lands of the New World.

Starting the 9th of December, Slovenia, Hungary and Romania (as it owns new regions) will have a new neighbor – Croatia.

Settlers that request citizenship in Croatia will receive their citizen fee of 50 units in a new currency: Kuna (HRK).

The treasury of Croatia will receive 1.000 Gold and 100.000 in local currency. Also, its first elected president will be granted access to an organization with an HRK account of 50.000 units.

No wars will be started against the new country for a period of 45 days (until the 23rd of January) - the same period for which the new country cannot declare war.

A reasonable level of development should be reached until that deadline expires.

Researchers have already started to work on determining the level of raw materials that will be found in these lands and used in the production of goods.

Help them complete a regions' productivity table by suggesting cities for the eRepublik of Croatia as well as the regions assigned to them.

We welcome all Croats and we send them our best regards. Also, we hope that Slovenians will help with some useful tips about how the Croats can organize themselves as the Slovenians have already lived through the experience of appearing on the New World map in June.

Further countries to be added in eRepublik

Croatia will be the only country added in eRepublik this year, but starting in January of next year several other real life countries will appear in the New World as well. Chile, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Malaysia, Singapore, Colombia, Serbia, Bolivia, Peru, and Uruguay (not necessarily in this order) are for the moment on our list. Of course this list can be changed based on the number of citizens from these countries in eRepublik.

Best regards,
The eRepublik Team