***A Patriot's Tale, Recounting the Life of an Erepublican (Part 1)***

Day 366, 18:39 Published in USA USA by Uncle Sam

It has been a year since Erepublik was released. Citizens flocked to this new world from all over our real world, making it quite a diverse atmosphere. On this day many of us have taken the time to remember what erepublik once was and compare it to what it is now. I, although it may seem ego centric, am about to recount my life in erepublik as Uncle Sam. So sit back, relax and enjoy the story that is my 95th article

The Patriot is Born

On March 3rd, Uncle Sam was invited to the world of erepublik by his good personal friend Benn Dover. Benn had already been playing for about 3 months at that time and was well established. The odd thing about Uncle Sam was that when he came to erepublik he already knew much of the game and it's functions, as he used to be a member of the new world, only under a different alias. Right away he started to get involved, economically. Being given his first Job at AmmuNation by Benn Dover, he started to work, collect money and toy with the monetary market.

The First Occupations of Uncle Sam

After figuring out the monetary market and acquiring some loans from various friends he made over the span of a week, Uncle Sam bought himself a moving company that already had exports to Portugal and China. He named this company International Transport, and still owns it to this day. Being active by joining the Democratic party and running for mayor of Pennsylvania against Jesus Cristo (and losing) proved his intent to be an active player.

Harrisburg Bank and Komodavaron
This was a turning point in Uncle Sam's life. It started with the founding of Harrisburg Bank, set up to make better business connections with Benn Dover. Both of them built up stock of money and started giving loans and worked with the monetary market. This started the world famous team of Uncle Benn in the economy. Together these two would eventually own one of the largest corperations in the world.

One day Sam ran into a fellow by the name of Komodavaron. This man had already offered to buy Benn Dover's company, AmmuNation for the sum of 105 gold. Seeing this an opportunity, Sam contacted the fellow and offered to sell him International Transport, which he upgraded to Q2, for 185 gold. Komodavaron accepted this offer and bought both companies. Only a day later he was banned. Both companies were forever put onto the list of suspended companies. Luckily for Uncle Sam however, he managed to get Komodavaron to sign a contract that stated if Komodavaron was banned, the company International Transport would be returned to Uncle Sam. And so, the company was saved. With this large amount of gold the Patriot bought two companies, a Q2 housing company that he quickly upgraded to Q3, and the Q3 Gifts company, Heart of Gold, founded by our first president, Korbin King

The DoD and Dishmcds

So far in his life, Uncle Sam had help getting around from other senior players. One of which was Benn Dover, who had great connections with the leadership in the US. Another was Nave, the newly elected President. Most influential however was the assistance of Dishmcds. After seeing Sam run into such great fortune and his witty outlook on erepublik, Dish took the Uncle under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of social relations with fellow country men.

He helped to build Uncle Sam up in the ranks by giving him a government position in the DoD (Department of Defense). This job was Mobil Defense Teams, north division leader, a big task at the time given the size of the US and the organization it took to mobilize a relatively inactive population base. With this position, Dish gave him access to higher up information, and planning of the Canadian War started.

The Canadian War

As many know, the war against Canada was one of the biggest events in the history of our country. Uncle Sam’s involvement in this event started with a simple PM to Nave about expanding economical possibilities. Those conversations eventually lead to the possibility of war to help sell out extra stocks. After talking with Nave about declaring war on a neighboring country, most preferably Canada, the two had come to a decision. Later on the DoD level 2 forums Dish announced that Nave gave the command to prepare for war against Canada.

Planning Begins:
The initial excitement over this was overwhelming. Uncle Sam was a part of the behind the scenes actions in higher up government, and helping to organize the worlds first war. Their first instructions were to move the MDT to Saint Paul, a bordering region from the US to Canada. Discretely, US forces moved towards the northern border in preparation for the war. Uncle Sam had his team stationed in Saint Paul while others were stationed in Albany. Then came the waiting game until war was released.

War Breaks Loose:
History tells us of how the Canadian war went. The US discovered that war did not involve soldiers solely from bordering regions, and the Canadians realized that they were in for one hell of a fight. Despite setbacks, Uncle Sam and his fellow leaders kept trudging through the mess of what was the Canadian War. Uncle Sam changed his newspaper from “The Word” to “The Daily Wartime Coverage”. He made daily reports on the war effort and also fought on the front lines against Canadians, Swedes and the Spanish freedom fighters.

Behind the Scenes:
Some stories not usually told about this war is what executive decisions went on in the old US chat room. Uncle Sam contributed many ideas that could have proven to be very successful if implement in the field of war tactics and which regions should be attacked. Nave and Esoom however argued that going for Canada’s capitol first would be more effective. At this time Uncle Sam found a new hobby and love in erepublik, the study of war tactics.

Post War Blues

After the war was over, there were many mixed feelings about the future of our country. Although the US did not lose any land, they still suffered a horrible loss. Uncle Sam, like many other Americans felt the sting of this loss and lost hope in the country. One of the biggest reason was because of the state of the economy in the US. Post war damages left the markets in shambles, employees had little to no wellness, and very little was being produced.

During these times many would look to the thriving economies of foreign countries, especially Pakistan. At that time, Uncle Sam had read the book of Dio, a truly enlightening read. He claimed that it showed him the light and that he would someday retire to Pakistan. That dream almost became a reality for the young and hurt Patriot, however being a part of congress held him back.

These were by far the worst times for Sam as he struggled along to keep his three companies afloat. The only thing that kept him going were the fungasms that he had with friends such as Emerick, Diar and Moose in the chat room. Had it not been for the entertaining active crowd that existed in the USA, Uncle Sam may have found himself ending his eLife early. Despite these hard economic times in his homeland, things were about to change for this Patriot, as soon a new wind was about to blow.

And so ends part one of my life story. Please stay tuned as this story will be finished tomorrow.

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