CertaCito - UKRP Congressional Candidate for South West Region

Day 366, 14:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by certacito

The purpose of ths article is to introduce veteran eUK politician and businessman CertaCito to voters as a prospective UKRP candidate for South West Region in the November Congressional Elections.

CertaCito has:

- Been a resident of eUK for 12 month - since the very start of eUK

- Represented the UKRP in Congress (known locally as the House of Commons) for an unbroken term of 9 months

- Has debated and voted in virtually all the parimentary debates over this period

- Has campaigned vigorously for keeping eUK Government simple and manageable

- Has been a member of the eUK Reserve Forces since their inception

- Is General Manager of 3 eUK companies:

* 'Hearts of Oak' (Wood)
* 'Hearts and Minds' (Gifts)
* 'Hearts and Clubs' (Weapons)

- Maintains the 'Hearts' Group mission of providing employment and training for members of the eUK population

- Contributes greatly to the eUK economy and the national wealth

- Believes in duty and responsibility

A vote for CertaCito is a vote cast wisely!