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Day 361, 08:50 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by MDU Press Office

Welcome to the release of the MDU party manifesto.
What does MDU stand for i hear you ask? Our full name is the Movement for Democratic Unity.

A party that along with many other things is geared towards letting new players have a bigger voice in politics.

So here it is:

A More Prosperous Country
Being Libertarian, the MDU believes in as free a market as possible, with as little government intervention as possible. However support for both new and successful companies is essential to our economy’s health, and each situation will be judged according to itself. We also believe it is the duty of the government to report on what government funds are being spent on; accountability is key for a united democratic nation.

Thus the MDU believes in:

-Increasing government accountability. There should be a valid reason for the government taking the citizen’s money and not just in the sense of "it might rain tomorrow". The MDU believes that the government has more reporting responsibilities towards the public. Therefore the MDU would introduce a planned budget where citizens can see how much the government plan to spend over the next coming month, split into all the major categories. The budget would require Parliamentary approval, in order to combat corruption and increase justice and accountability.

-The government should provide a clear monthly plan at the begining of each presidential term. It should assign a percentage of monies to each department (gov org) for use on relevant activities.

e.g. Treasury 50% ,MoD 20%, DoW 15%

- Creating a new office to advise and aid in the setting up of new companies, and offer low interest loans in return for company shares.

- Keep government interference in the economy as a whole as low as possible, this includes not propping up failing companies, but aiding workers of failing companies to find new jobs.

- Greater Power to the Unions, all employees should be entitled to see their wages reimbursed by the company if it had run out of cash or Raw Material.

- Increasing foreign trade links and using trade as a means of establishing social & military alliances.

- Keeping the population aware of the dangers of those who would wish to interfere more in the economy, and have a state controlled financial sector.

Helping the citizen
The MDU strongly believes in acurrent divide between the government and populace. We strongly believe in the idea that the people are the state, and wish to get the citizen more involved in the running of their nation. We also believe that not enough is done for new citizens in eUK to guide them into life in the New World, and to encourage them to get involved and feel a sense of national pride.

The MDU therefore aims to:

- Support the creation of a more organisations including
a) 'New Citizen Department' which would incorporate the Housing the Homeless scheme, and answer all questions a new citizen may have. It will re-direct new citizens to the appropriate departments (i.e. DoW for Work)

😎 Department of Entertainment
- This will ensure the fair running of activities such as bookies, lottery etc
- It will recieve a budget each month to help towards prizes for competitions and activities played by erepublikans outside of the game itself (the current racing league)

- Encourage citizens to get more involved on the eUK forums, and have their say on political issues. The MDU also believes in making all party manifestos available in one wiki page so new citizens can easily see differences between parties.

- Encourage citizens to join the reservists, and instill a sense of national pride. This involves informing new citizens more on the history of eUK.

On the Political Front
The Movement for Democratic Unity believes strongly in political cooperation between non-extremist parties, and is against 'negative politics' - for example trying to win an election by questioning some-ones person or character rather than focusing on policy. the MDU will however defend its core values and constantly seek to protect the free market, the liberty of the citizen and the independence of the nation. The MDU will never enter coalition with or support a fellow party which threatens any of these values with its policies. We believe politics starts at a regional level and will press for more regional devolution.

The MDU thus believe:

- In supporting genuinely good ideas from other parties, not simply opposing just because they are not our own.

-In the reconstruction of a regional political system and the rewarding of active local NHS directors for their efforts.

- In encouraging more citizens to become involved in Politics.

- In pursuing the defence of the core values of a free market, the liberty of the citizen and the independence of the nation.

- In promoting MDU ideas through our press office & encouraging healthy political debate from all sides.

On the International Stage
The MDU approaches foreign affairs from an Institutional Realist approach. This means that while we acknowledge survivalism and that states are by nature inherently selfish actors and will therefore make rational choices that promote their own interests we also recognise the power of international institutions, organizations and treaties/alliances that can through mass pressure, expectation & force alter state behavior.

Thus the MDU believes:

- International Organizations, treaties and groups such as Atlantis etc are invaluable and necessary for the security and stability of eUK. We will work to promote and strengthen such groups, and endeavour to take a leading role within them.

- While being part of such organizations is important, eUK should maintain a strong security force to safeguard its independance, and that of its allies. This means the MoD, Paratroopers & Reservists funding being reformed. The paras should have the ability to be less restricted in there activities, and be able to actively ingage in many practice exercises.
MDU would encourage all citizens to become reservists. MDU strongly believes this is would not only increase the security of eUK, but also draw the population together and instill a sense of pride in eUK and its armed forces.

- The MDU supports eUK intervention in the case of aggressive nations unfairly occupying other states. The MDU views expansionist states as a risk to our own security, even if not directly threatened.

So, join the MDU today and help us to become bigger and better. We are the party where anyone can have a big voice!

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