MDU Party Presidential Elections

Day 357, 11:41 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by MDU Press Office

I am writing this statement in reference to the article on Party elections (

The following post was made on the party forums of the Movement for Democratic Unity to all the active party members:

"As Party President I vowed I have never seeked power and purely wished to improve the standing, reputation and character of the party. I am aware the process of doing this has been slow and got off to a very slow start. Now things are starting to get going and I believe the party is starting to get the boost it needs.

I would wholly welcome and endorse any candidate wishing to put themselves forward for the job; I know there are several outstanding candidates; Big Boy, Json and Tommy to name but a few, who I know would do a brilliant job in continuing the work I have started.

If everyone is happy with the way things are going, it would be a pleasure to continue the job, based on the following platform:

1. I will aim to work with other members to get our new manifesto published as soon as possible, whilst ensuring ours is the best out there, represents the needs and wants of the people and not rushed.
2. I will aim to publicise the party and ideology through the MDU Press Office; the MDU should be the 6th biggest party by the end of the year.
3. I will aim to create a party manifesto so the party can be run effectively and smoothly, and members can know their rights and responsibilities within the organisation.
4. I will continue to work closely with all active members and those wishing to have a say. Everyone should have the right to contribute; decisions should be made on majority approval not purely the opinion of the president.

I look forward to hearing from members; should anyone wish to stand, message me and I will talk with you and offer any advice I can."

Yours Sincerely and faithfully,
CV James
Incumbent MDU Party President