The Swedish Nobel Prize

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By Dio, is this real?!
Yes, this is real. The 2nd edition of The Swedish Nobel Prize is here, at last.
This edition took far more energy, time and effort compared to the first one, sorry for that.

First off, I’d like to thank the other members of Hypogeum for making this vision into reality once more. It wouldn’t have happened without you.
Before we head onward to the laureates, I need to explain how this works again (since there might be people who never have heard of The Swedish Nobel Prize before).

The Swedish Nobel Prize is divided into six categories as follows: Society, Economy, Politics, Media, Peace Prize and Honorary Award.
Now let us briefly go through the different categories.

The Society Prize.
The winner in this category can, for example have done something to positively affect the influx of citizens, or perhaps helped to raise the morale throughout the society, bettered the standard for workers, or maybe created a group or any other entity to help e-Sweden to expand socially.

The Economic Prize.
This is a little tricky since the economic aspect of Erepublik is far from satisfactory, but you could say that anyone that creates a bank of high standard, writes an enriching article with an economical theme using true arguments and written in a good manner, or perhaps someone who breaks new ground and starts a stock exchange could be considered as potential and worthy winners of the economic price.

The Political Prize.
The receiver of the Swedish political Nobel prize have contributed onto improving, and widening the political aspect of Erepublik. It can for instance be someone who wrote a political analytical article, anyone who has served any kind of political post with outstanding example, or maybe an especially strategically thought out election campaign, things like these.

The Media Prize.
This category can easily be misunderstood. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the person who has written the best article that receives the media prize. It goes to the person who has, by whatever means of expression, not only through articles, in the best way benefited the Swedish media and done something to further it, someone who have inspired others and helped to make the media more interesting.

The Peace Prize.
Well, this one is rather self-explanatory. The receiver of this prize is any person that in the best way has done something to strengthen the world peace, and helped spread the non-violence.

The Honorary Award.
This prize goes a person who should be awarded for his or her achievements to make this game and the life in it more interesting and rewarding. An inspiring enthusiast and someone who stands as a good example for others to follow.

So, now that we know what all the categories are, we must also know this:
None is more or less valuable than the others; they are all equally honourable and should be considered non-comparable.

Now then, what will each laureate receive? First and foremost THE HONOR, this is the true prize, but there is an award of money to symbolize it all. Each laureate will be awarded with 17.5 GOLD, 101.9 SEK and 10.6 DKR (All my money + governmental subsidies + donation from Cristesco) to credit for the individual’s achievements. The prize money is also to serve as motivation for other to become more active and contributing to the game in its many aspects.
Although Hypogeum no longer will exist or operate, we in the club hope that someone will continue our legacy of spreading knowledge and motivating people to involve themselves in the game.

Here are the laureates of the second Swedish Nobel Prize!

The Society Prize.
“In a world where everything is bleak and white and sometimes chaotic, we all need someone to add some colour and keep order. Always a driving force in the political world as well as an active member of the Swedish police force, her dedication and charming manners makes Swedish society just a little more pleasant, no matter what. Both clever and cuddly. The Swedish Society Nobel Prize goes to... Betamjau!

The Economic Prize.
“For his devotion and hard work in stabilizing the SEK and safeguarding the Swedish economy as well as managing the national treasury (Riksbanken) in a most formidable manner. His expertise held us on a steady course and he took us through hard times as well. Without him our economy would surely have crumbled even before V1. We have crowned a new “King of Cash” and his name is... Karl Holm!

The Political Prize.
“Despite adversity and opposition this man has always worked as hard as anyone for what he believes to be the best for e-Sweden. He works tirelessly on the constitution and organization of the government and has contributed a disproportionate amount of good things to this country, despite always being a part of the opposition in congress. This is a man of great respect and high valour. The Swedish Political Nobel Prize goes to... The Herminator!

The Media Prize.
Be it propaganda, ordering troops, or simply satire, his articles have held a standard few can hope to attain and even gained more votes than Erepublik Insider. He gave us laughs in wartime, when victory seemed far away he offered hope and morale was boosted. If any man is worthy of winning two Nobel prizes, this is the one... Misho!

The Peace Prize.
“For his "Pay it forward" initiative where one sends one gift to three different people with the stipulation that they do the same with three additional people, this man receives the Peace Prize for making a strong gesture to make people come together and bring a little harmony in to the world. The first laureate ever to receive The Swedish Nobel Peace Price ever... Hador!

The Honorary Award.
“The forums at are the foundation on which the cornerstones of e-Sweden have been placed. The Swedish society would not be what it is today without these forums and the man who makes it all possible deserves recognition for his work. Also, for his tireless work and patience, it is only fitting that The Swedish Nobel Honorary Award goes to... DaZam!

There you have them all, e-Sweden’s true frontier!
Now, there will most likely occur some changes and some additions, so keep yourself updated here. The laureates know nothing of this in advance so the PMs will be sent right after I publish this.

The Grand Nobel Banquette!
On Monday the 10th of November, 20:00, GMT+1 (or Monday the 10th of November, 11:00 in Erepublik server-time) we have organized a banquette in a separate IRC-channel. Everyone is invited! There will be people from all over the world there to socialize. The banquette will officially open a couple of hours before the stated time, but at the time mentioned above the THANK SPEACHES will take place, this is where each laureate will have some time to make a little speech of his own, classy eh? We will also hand out loads of gifts to random people at the banquette.

If you don’t have IRC you can get mIRC here:
Here is the guide:
When you’re done installing just type this: /join #TheBanquette
If you use Mozilla Firefox as web browser you can get the Chatzilla add-on from here:
When you are done installing the add-on, just type this in the browser: irc://quakenet/TheBanquette
And if you want the chance to receive random gifts, please use your erepublik nickname.

Please vote for this article so that it can reach the e-World!

See you at The Grand Nobel Banquette!
/Everyone at Hypogeum.

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