Fluff Piece

Day 324, 07:13 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by TJAWS

The following is a true story

So yesterday, I was minding my own business, playing Elite Beat Agents on Cruisin', trying to beat Jumpin' Jack Flash. I finally manage to do it, and have to sit through the credits again. "Well" I thought, "I guess that must be it." But then when I go to the title screen, I see this new difficulty, Sweatin'.

I must pause for a moment, as this next part was a very special moment in my life.

Without pausing, I proceeded to click Sweatin'. What proceeded was the manliest voice I have ever heard in my entire life declaring AGENT "CHIEFTAN" HERE. I turned the DS off and spent an hour in solitude, thinking about what I haven't known for all these months.

Also, I find it quite appropriate for his difficulty to be named Sweatin'. I mean, just look at the picture.