Akki, Running for Next Party President of the ULJ

Day 323, 15:55 Published in Japan Japan by Akki

Now, that theagent007 have officially announced his bid to lead ULJ, I will publicly announce myself also running for the Next party president of ULJ. Although I do lack significant experience as theagaent007 does, I do believe with coming of V1, we will all be learners to begin with. And I do believe with help of many I will be able to lead ULJ to be a represented part of eJapan. I take this opportunity to run against theagent007 as an honor.

If elected as the next party president of ULJ, I promise to turn our minds to the entire member of the party, to include everyone, and to listen and draw up our plans based on general will of the people within our party. I will try my best to create the most suitable environment for the brotherhood, and as a family try to achieve the goals and ideology we believe in. I will try to represent all those who are under represented in the general public, to create Japan into a active community of all; not just some.

With new thought, and many differentiating idea from many of the talented people in Japan, I do believe I can make ULJ be a great party of next generation Japan. I believe we will take important part in Japan, to bring other ideas with the current ones, to diversify the ideology of Japan, to bring more options, and choice into our community. I can not say that we will beat down other parties and become the strongest, but I can promises all for ULJ to become great part of decision making process for the future of the Japan. Our ideas will be heard, and our voice will be known. Everyone have talent. I hope to bring those talents together, to create a unified and very open party promoting new ideas, for the betterment of our country as a whole.

I wish to express the thoughts of citizens of Japan, whom we as the whole might have not paid attention to. Japan is one country made up of many people. All those who is a citizen have right to be represented and ought to be brought to centre stage to help Japan grow. I hope to help represent those to bring better future for Japan by bring talented people of Japan to move this country forward.

I am here for this for the future of Japan, and for the ULJ to become bigger part of Japan. I promise that I will express all of these, and bring new unified ULJ into spotlight.

Thank you.

Join ULJ today to become part of this new movement. All citizens are welcome. We are all talented and important part of Japan.

With DIVERSE IDEAS, NEW VOICE, and ONE UNITY, the New ULJ will prevail.