~~ Fed and USWP Subsidize Madison’s Hospital ~~

Day 323, 09:04 Published in USA USA by Lukasz Makowski

The Federal government today, under the leadership of our President Roby Petric, along with the United States Workers Party, subsidized the purchase of a hospital at a total of almost 60% in the city of Madison.

As part of the hospital program that the Federal government is running, currently under Roby Petric, it provides half of the money needed for a hospital. The aim of this plan is to establish a hospital in every American city, thus directly helping the American people.

The citizens of Madison urged their support to purchase a hospital to their mayor, Makowski, in the last address he made to the public. The choice of dispersing the funds was given to the public, and almost overwhelmingly, the citizens demanded a hospital rather than a tax refund.

At the time, Madison’s treasury was at 646 USD, about 160 USD short of participating in the Federal program. The USWP began considering donating for the cause, the needed funds to make this public project become a reality. Today, the planning came true as the USWP donated 160 USD, which was necessary for the 50% match from the government.

I would like to officially thank Roby Petric, the President of the United States of America, for his support, perseverance and continued help in local matters, which affect all citizens. Also, I would like to thank the USWP, the party that was able to put politics aside and help out in the purchase of the hospital for Madison. Again, thanks to both, the city of Madison can now enjoy a new hospital.

Mayor of Madison
Lukasz Makowski