Mourning of Agentchieftain

Day 321, 13:51 Published in Pakistan Japan by undergeneral

What has become of the peacful and calm Pakistan that I once knew? When the CLF popped up everything changed. Peace was shattered as the CLF went stomping around trying to tempt those to the snowy side. Then there was the Chengdu incident which left us the obvious winners. We were cocky as the UN just strolled in, we thought they could be easily defeated but they wanted to play dirty. They didn't have an advantage so they made one by encouraging the banning the leader of the anti-chinese independence a ex-chinese himself Agentchieftain. Just cause we don't agree with you you're going to just start having us banned UN?

P.S. Anyone who says anything that has to do with the Pakistan being McDonalds owes me 3 PKR