MSAP Congress Motion: New Housing Policies of the State

Day 319, 05:21 Published in Sweden Sweden by Radsoc

Large parts of the swedish population are homeless to the great joy of the food producers. With better housing, productivity in primarily high-Q production-sectors can be increased and guaranteed. This will benefit the economy of the country, and increase the overall wellness of the population, which is very important in times of crisis and war.

With better housing policies this country gets an edge over its other imperialist enemies, and we will also have a much stronger economy.

So, what is a better housing policy? Apparently, the market has failed with providing all except the richest with houses. State intervention is thus necessary. I propose that the state enters the housing market by creating a company that will produce houses in large amounts while subsidizing the prices so this country can be the first in history with housing all people can afford.

Houses for all and not just the rich, in a country governed by some of the richest people in the world.

Congress debate and discussion in Swedish: [a url=]Here[/a]

Some reactions from the other parties:
Toothpaste (FBS): "This motion is nothing but a communist plan of market manipulation", "/.../those who don't have a house right now, don't want one/.../"

Betamjau (FBS): "What about us who had to work for our houses?"

Karl Holm (FBS): "Nobody is going to play the game anymore then."

WilmerX (FBS): "After that the communist upper class can sit and rule Sweden", "In a global e-perspective the effect of your proposal might mean that the swedish population drops and the economy will decline, which in the long run would mean that we will get conquered".

Trisen (DNS): "I have always been for the idea of all people being able to afford a house"