News Report - October 3, 2008

Day 317, 17:16 Published in South Africa South Africa by Keanu Stryker

Congratulations Zocky for winning the presidency. The reason I congratulate you because if you really wanted the responsibility of ruling South Africa, you would actually take control and responsibility. Do you know what that means? Bettering South Africa instead of turning it into a nation with worthless currency and high inflation and deflation.

South Africa needs to be ruled correctly, and because over 60 people voted for you, I think that the trust you to lead our nation. So I am trusting you to lead our nation to victory in any area. You and your advisers need to pick up the pace and bring hospitals to every region. You also need to increase the national security, by organizing the army and obtaining more defense treaties with trusted nations.

Zocky, the most important thing to me is the economy. We need more jobs, and we should be the ones having foreign countries investing in us and employing our people. Please Zocky, I beg you to raise the standards of the economy at the moment, maybe if you do the nation will become better.

Zocky raise your standards. Hold the government accountable. Work with the legislator and pass laws that better South Africa and bring foreign investment into the nation. Zocky, please, South Africa depends on you to do a better job then you are doing now.