The Money That Belongs To South Africans

Day 306, 19:46 Published in South Africa South Africa by Esteban Delgado

The writing of this article was encouraged by several South Africans who were worried about the spreading of lies and libelous reputation-destroying attempts the Zockyist foreign occupation have been accountable for since yesterday regarding "their" money.

Before leaving office, EternalWinter donated 6000 ZAR from the Pretoria coffers to my personal bank account. It was recommended to place all of the money into a national bank account, but either way, it was meant for one thing: safe-keeping.

Please stop asking how Esteban "earned" this money and what he's going to "spend it on.

I will say right now that I did not "earn" this money in any way, nor am I going to "spend" it on anything because it does not belong to me. It belongs to the people of South Africa. Not the Croatians who feel its is their right to spend it on anything they want.

The money is now going to either be put in a national bank account, not accessed by the Croatians, or simply rested in the Mmabatho coffers - the only current Independent South African Republic region that isn't under foreign occupation.

Three regions were lost these past elections to a foreign enemy - occupiers that came here to loot and burn.

As a tool of the Zockyist propaganda machine, the wrong questions are being asked. They try, with every four word article, to call South Africans "thieves" who take back and protect the money of South Africa from Croatian hands. They try to turn our heads from their own guilty; their own blood-stained hands.

What we need to ask, are the important questions being avoided right now. We need to ask where almost 8000 ZAR has disappeared to since the Croatians have taken over South Africa.

Sure, one may say that 6000 of it is now in our hands, which leaves 2000 rand. And another may state that 2000 of the remaining rand was converted to gold.

But, 80 gold is still missing from the treasury. If ZAR was converted to gold, no new wealth was brought in, just painted in a new color.And wait a minute, what happened to all of the foreign currency in the treasury? What happened to it? Zocky sold it for a little gold at very low prices.

Therefore, at least 80 gold, 2000 ZAR, and thousands of foreign coins and paper money are unaccounted for. Missing from the treasury. Stolen by the Croats. And spent on personal desires. Buying themselves companies, gifts, paying for babysitters.

We don't ask where all of this money is being taken away from us behind our backs and spent for their own benefits... but we are concerned with the 6,000 unspent ZAR Esteban Delgado is keeping safe from their corrupt, grubby, kleptocratic, little hands?

One Love.