Africans Revolting(South Africa)

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This month, a IRL Crotian, zocky, was elected president of South Africa under the Proud Africa party. zocky and his cabinet have been charged with treason, tyranny, election fraud, corruption, and lying and libel in [a url=]this article[/a] by Esteban Delgado.

Esteban lists and explains each charge systematically.

The treason, as he explains it, is comparable Victor Petrescu's takeover of Ireland last month. He says that zocky and his friends aren't African, and came to South Africa for the sole purpose of electing each other as president. For the tyranny charge, he lists that 80 gold and 5513.93 ZAR were stolen from the country's treasury to pay for a hospital that some South Africans didn't approve of. Indeed, South Africa's economy page shows a balance of -79.97 GOLD and -5342.96 ZAR for the month of September. Delgado argues that a president who acts without the full consent of the people is practicing tyranny: "this was done regardless of the lack of support outside of Proud Africa, still in debate session, and without the people's general consent." He also argues that the tax changes he proposed and had passed were illegal due to the "illegitemacy" of his presidency.

Third, he accuses zocky of not only using mutiaccounts in his own party, but fabricating other parties(Recover Africa and People Union Party of South Africa), possibly with the help of IRL people, but also with multis, to push Delgado's own party, Black Lion Front, off of the ballot. He criticized sucko's [a url=]multi list[/a] as having "pinpoint accuracy", and not having any effect on his own party's votes.

For the two counts of corruption, Delgado cites that zocky gave "unapproved, appointed government jobs to political allies and meaningless jobs to political enemies in hopes of managing dissent and gaining approval." He also claims that zocky has asked him to resign his seat as party president of Black Lion Front to zocky in exchange for 5 gold. He quotes zocky: "hello my friend do you want 5 golds ? this is only private thing ! just leave me place of party president ! you will be my right hand , when i become president dont ask how ! for better africa my friend ! listen i was party president , i have 4 companies , i was vice president of germany ! please my friend we can make deal ! now you cant win but leave me that and we will win , on fair way ! hope for quick answer." There is no pictoral evidence of this, however.

Finally, Delgado charges zocky with lying and libel for denying the above accusation of bribery.

This dissent for new parties isn't anything new. On August 28, Delgado met with Otto Antid, and discussed a possible merger and possible cooperatin between their parties. In the [a url=]posted transcript[/a], Delgado became disgusted with the conversation and walked out:

ott0: yea, well as I said if we have majority on our own we don't need to persuade you
ott0: but if we don't have majority on our own we will have to make a deal with you
eRepUser961: And that is why I would never ally myself with such authoritarian figures who are only interested in themselves. self-absorbed in their own interests.
eRepUser961: Have a good day.

Afterwards, [a url=]he wrote [/a]about his feelings towards the Proud African party: "The agents of a disillusioned democracy lay within the own political parties which vie for power for the next elections. These parties, rather than playing by the political system, play the system itself." His dissent with the party stems from the way that they get their votes: " Rather than persuading the countrywomen an countrymen to vote for them, they create countrymen and countrywomen who would in an instant."

Leif Archaix is another critic of the South African politics. The day before elections, he wrote [a url=]an article[/a] endorsing Kintor, disagreeing with Mombassa's African Socialist Party, and completely insulting Proud Africa: "[Proud Africa's leaders] are incompetant, unintelligent people who do not have you in their interests: they want power and are bribing people to take positions in their government in order to get it." A few days later, he ranted against zocky: "You will have seen the Croatians begin all means of propaganda in order to sway your opinion. This is because they know they are unpopular, and feel they have to prove themselves to you." In response to the Mombassa's African Socialist Party, he said, "I think they're embarking on a socialist enterprise that will fail."

Archaix has since been banned for three days.

Out of frusteration and in response to the anti-Croatian congress, zocky posted an article explaining everything he had proposed over the past week of his presidency, and asked why they were turned down. His detractors said they voted no on principle.

International Press has attempted to contact zocky and sucko for their arguments, but hasn't received any useful comments.

Update: After reading this article, president zocky has released a [a url=]rebuttle[/a]. As minimal as it is, this is his rebuttle, I believe.