Mysterious Happenings

Day 291, 06:08 Published in South Africa South Africa by Hireshmont Vellos

My dear readers,

Some strange deeds are afoot. I keep pretty close watch on our economic and financial situation... and I have three different issues I'd like to raise:

1. As was pointed out by the SA Patriot, we've lost about 5,500 ZAR from our treasury. Now, the account data says we've lost 80 gold. This is false. We've lost closer to 160 gold. We had 633. Now we have 473. Now, it appears this money was used to import a hospital from Pakistan. So thousands of our ZAR was shipped overseas to bring us a foreign hospital: making us have LESS control over our currency. This is LUNACY. Under Zocky, we have lost another roughly 5-10% of our economy overseas in one fell swoop, when we COULD have invested in local hospital projects, and created new jobs and opportunities here at home in South Africa. Good job zocky: undercutting jobs at home while sending money abroad. Thanks for your support of South Africa.

2. However, that money wasn't all for the hospital. There's NO WAY it was all for the hospital. We lost 5,500 ZAR, and 160 gold (which is equivalent to about 3,200 ZAR). So we lost about 8,700 ZAR. Is the Zockyist regime truly going to try and tell us that all of that went to ONE hospital? If so, we were DUPED and the clumsy economics of the Zockyists has resulted in a truly epic-scale incident of price-gouging. If it didn't go to the hospital, where DID it go to? The people deserve to KNOW and, more importantly, to know IN ADVANCE: BEFORE their hard-earned tax money is spent. The congress should authorize: that's why we HAVE a congress.

3. Indonesia's currency reserve has also changed. They had 60,000 ZAR, now they have about 55,000 ZAR. Now, on the one hand, this is good! It means Indonesia has slightly less leverage (though with Zocky's export of our money to Pakistan, that 55,000 ZAR has as much, maybe more, leverage than it did before). However, on the other hand, this is bad. We have 5,000 ZAR floating around that is unaccounted for. With that ZAR, our ENTIRE FOOD MARKET could be bought. Whoever is holding that money could potentially deprive SA of its food supply on a fairly extensive basis. This is a threat to our national security... and the zockyists haven't even given an updated about it.