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5th erep anniversary missions leaked

Day 1,824, 05:38 Published in Germany Germany by Martin Stettler

Erep becomes 5, and we can celebrate it with our Great Dictator Plato

HAPPY Birthday Erepublik

the new, slightly crazy thing
the very first steps
the first article in Erep
Alexis Bonte explaining Erep
Plato explaining Erep
a Look inside the office
the new office after the old ones becomes to small
some cash for further developments

But at the moment more and more players leave bored this former great game

I really hope there will be some real changes so it can become interesting again.

And yes, its a trap , but dont be angry about

thanks to Gnilraps for remembering me to this Great Event.

I am sure Obama and Putin are looking forward for the new Missions.

Let me oracle.

1. Kill 555 Enemies in one Day
2. Kill 55 Enemies in 5 different Resistance Wars
3. Raise you strength by 55 ( or better 555 ) Strength points and get the same as Bonus
4. 55 percent discount on Company Upgrades ( this could be funny if we could downgrade the same comp for 50 percent : D )
5. Q5 training Grounds ( Better not )

So. If you have other AND BETTER IDEAS for Plato, comment it below, maybe he is reading them.

So, here are my wishes for new Missions

1. Fight in 5 Resistance Wars, but this Resistance wars have to be to release the 5 smallest Countries and bring them back on the Map
If i look at egov this are UAE, Denmark, Czech Republik, Egypt and Malaysia

2. Make a Journey to this 5 Countries ( good to see this Countries at least some days back on the Map ; ) ) dSsoKre would be happy about

3. Start a Resistance War
I know its not possible to start 5 Resistance Wars, so i choosed 1, and because of the Resistancewar-Rules there would be a small Rulechange needed. Everybody can start only ONE RW in the Promotion time, so more people have the chance to start them. AND even if the Rw is lost, there should be not the usual 24 hours time to start the next one. A good result would be much more Battles around the world and some more Fun for all of us.

4. Get 55 new friends, or have 555 weapons , or 5555 food in your inventory

5. What i really would be interested in is something like the former Missions - Mission 30: Find El Dorado - Preparation and the following Missions. Missions like a story are much more interesting than the usual ones.

6. Stay in Top 5 in one Battleround

7. Let all of us buy the "Starterpack" even if you bought Gold before, or make a special "Starterpack" for them, but i hope with the special "Bonus" to get the next Loyality Status too. so that i can become Silver again if i am Bronce at the moment.

If the "new" missions are alive i will update this article immediately

ps: upps, maybe i am wrong. if the 30.11.2007 was day 10, the the 5th birthday is on 20.11.2012. Damn i am 3 days to early. Ticket to Plato regarding the correct date is already sent.

so please Vote and Sub and SHOUT AROUND THE WORLD



Crocodile Gena
Crocodile Gena Day 1,824, 05:48


John Largo
John Largo Day 1,824, 05:49

vote #5

Rommel Erwin
Rommel Erwin Day 1,824, 05:50

apocalypse and the end of the new world.
start all over again, but this time properly

BacoST Day 1,824, 05:51

v no 5*2

Joe Obvious
Joe Obvious Day 1,824, 05:51


Edelmann Day 1,824, 05:55

+ Kill (5)55 Enemies while fighting against your natural enemy.

KrMa Day 1,824, 06:12


Schwrzwolf Day 1,824, 06:19

Buy 5 Gold, get 0.5 Gold for free.

Mr. Enya
Mr. Enya Day 1,824, 06:21


simust2 Day 1,824, 06:50


Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 1,824, 06:56

gleich 2x in den top5 artikeln \o/

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 07:31

Write 5 comments in Martin Stettlers Article in 55 seconds... xD

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 07:31

Comment deleted

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 07:31

Comment deleted

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 07:31

Comment deleted

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 07:31

Comment deleted

Awesome Prussia
Awesome Prussia Day 1,824, 07:46

survive 55 accs in your e-country

biiis Day 1,824, 07:47


HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 07:49


You failed! xD

Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 1,824, 07:49


biiis Day 1,824, 07:49

and on a serious note my expectations.

missions with a 5 in them.

- 555 kils
- 55 strenght
- 5 days in a row
- possibly sth about rank

- +50% gold
- + 50% RAW production
- Q5 TG

sth like that 🙂

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 07:50


Nisem videl prvega... xD

Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 1,824, 07:50

@biis: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 <

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 07:52

Make 5 clicks on fight button every 5 seconds for 55 hours... : D

Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 1,824, 07:55

send me enough tanks hladen for this mission,

and some energydrinks

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 07:56

+ some credit cards... : D

Markolol Day 1,824, 07:57


biiis Day 1,824, 07:59

Comment deleted

biiis Day 1,824, 07:59

Comment deleted

biiis Day 1,824, 07:59

Comment deleted

biiis Day 1,824, 08:00

Comment deleted

biiis Day 1,824, 08:00

Write 5 comments in Martin Stettlers Article in 55 seconds... xD

biiis Day 1,824, 08:00

there 35 secs, on the second try 🙂

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 08:00

biiis + šmarnica = ePizdarija... xD

Tha Godfather II
Tha Godfather II Day 1,824, 08:02


Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 1,824, 08:03

*Your Account was rewarded with 175 Gold because of an Anonymous Payment"

Hey, Thanks Hladen.

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 08:05


biiis Day 1,824, 08:08

HS is a very generous person 🙂

Exclusive Day 1,824, 08:09

We will fight against some famous characters;) you ll see;)

Djuro Drljaca
Djuro Drljaca Day 1,824, 08:13

@MS: you got this for doing nothing? : o

... I had to do a lot of things that I never thought I would be capable of in a small forest in SHH (eGermany) a few years ago and I STILL havent gotten any gold from him ; (

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 08:15


Coitus interruptus (eCroatian attack on SHH and we had to run) = no payment... : P

Djuro Drljaca
Djuro Drljaca Day 1,824, 08:23

no no no ... I already finished my part and then you pointed to something behind me and said "watch out! crazy eCroatians are coming" ... I looked behind me and when I turned back you were gone ; (


HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 08:25


Akjuzejšn vitaut pruf! : P

Martin Stettler
Martin Stettler Day 1,824, 08:49

@djuro : it was a joke . of course i got nothing

Djuro Drljaca
Djuro Drljaca Day 1,824, 08:53

I guess you are the one that didn't recognize the joke : P

Animis Day 1,824, 09:06

Kill Plato 5 different ways (just kidding!)

HladenSpricar Day 1,824, 09:07


Plato already gave me some reward... 1 FP... xD

Animis Day 1,824, 09:07

even better; everyone dies and the entire game converts to a massive eZombie apocalypse!

biiis Day 1,824, 10:10


me too 🙂


your article is special, my very first FP

biiis Day 1,824, 10:12

Dear biiis,
Recently, you have created content which was declared to be not legal.
Content type: comment Content info: Write 5 comments in Martin Stettlers Article in 55 seconds... xD Reason: Spam You can see all your penalties in your Law Infringements List page.
Best regards,
Your eRepublik team

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