Cut-downs, Confrontations and Comics!

Day 285, 16:03 Published in Sweden Sweden by josefstark

I’ve been away from Erepublik for a week or so and now I’m back. It took me a couple of days to recap all that I had missed. It turned up it was nothing more than a couple of wars and a few changes in my party, DNS. Perhaps a week in Erepublik isn’t that long time anymore.

During these last days I’ve made some decisions about my life in Erepublik. Previously I have devoted myself to many things simultaneously and the results weren’t always, in my eyes, the best. I always do better work while focusing on as few obligations as possible, yet I always end up with water above my head. That’s where I am right now, drowning in things to do, things to take on and things to sort out.

I’ve decided to focus on what means the most to me, on the things I do best, my purpose here in Erepublik you could say. That includes my Sunday coffee club for intellectuals; Hypogeum, The Swedish Nobel Prize and its internationalization, my newspaper, the one you’re reading right now; The Syndicate, my work as the Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs and helping e-Sweden through some upcoming hard times, diplomatically speaking and last but not least helping the Erepublik community mostly through my mediocre graphic designing skills. It may seem like a lot and it probably is but it’s a good thing to keep busy in Erepublik.

Now what is it that I’m leaving behind then? Well for starters I’m selling off my company, The Syndicate Aviation. That saddens me quit a lot actually. I once worked there with my friends back when I was just a kid here. We saw some good days with money tumbling in every day. We still worked for 0.02 SEK and received gifts instead. We were all fine with that, the cash was supposed to be used for something good in the future. Now all my friends are gone except for one good soul, A.Almen, but the building still stands empty, sadly. So I’m selling it off for the tiny sum of 10 GOLD.

The other thing I’m leaving behind is something that also saddens me a bit, DNS. I’m really sorry guys but I have to do it, It’s probably best this way. I’m not very active in the internal politics within DNS. I would like to say some last few words before my resignation though.

Last party election was really interesting and it taught me something about some people. A certain person, let’s call him “Garfieldius”, taught me that there is difference between people and people, apparently. A couple of months ago a friend of mine ran for party presidency in DNS and he failed. Garfieldius said that a party leader for DNS couldn’t be someone that has just arrived in the party, which this friend of mine just had done. He was new, but still a promising man and most of all reliable. Nevertheless, he lost the party election. A month ago my other friend DKN joined the party just before the party election, he was German, and he also ran for party presidency, a difficult task it seemed. I also ran for party presidency, I’d been in the party for little over two months then. I lost the party election to DKN. I see nothing bad in that, he is my friend and losing a party election to a friend is nothing to begrudge a friend for.
What, on the other hand, DOES make me angry is the way I was treated by this Garfieldius. I actually kept him in mind when I wrote my manifesto, I knew what happened to my friend two months from then, so I lay myself bare and I tried really hard to ensure that HE knew that I was as legitimate as a person running for party presidency in DNS can be. He threw shit in my face while padding the back of DKN. Quite hypocritical, having my friend that failed the election two months from then in mind and what he did to him. I can, of course, accept my failure and I have already done that, and I can definitely accept my friend DKN’s won presidency. It’s the treatment from this Garfieldius I cannot accept. Filled with so much self-contradiction and hypocrisy he is nothing but a big paradox. He’s constantly shifting his “likes” and “don’t likes” towards the easiest targets, always keeping himself and his ego before everything else. This is the kind of person I cannot accept foul treatment from. Never.
This is not a request for retribution or anything like that. It’s just me wanting Garfieldius to know what I think about him.

Last but not least I would like to present to you a new comic strip. It’s a project I call E-Sverige (meaning e-Sweden obviously) and it’s about the people living here in e-Sweden. I made it because I wanted something for the Swedish Erepublik community to gather around and laugh about. I’ll try to bring up memories from times long gone, contemporary issues and much more.
Enjoy this [a url=]first issue of E-Sverige[/a]!