Canadians Participate in War(Canada)

Day 280, 14:37 Published in USA USA by Emerick

Category: Military

Last week, Canadian president, Adam Sutler wrote [a url=]an article denouncing Victor Petrescus presidency and supporting the Free Irish Party[/a].

This move has been expected. The Canadian congress has been protesting Victor Peterscu's leadership in Ireland for weeks, ever since the scandal broke. Now the talks have stopped, and the Canadians are taking action.

The Canadians are stating that they are preparing for the worst case senario. They've even gone so far as to [a url=]hire Alucard Bloodlust[/a]. Is this paranoia? Says Augustus Baldwin, liason between Canada and FIP: "Well we aren"t expecting [war] to be very likely possibility, but there is no harm in preparing for every eventuality. Frankly Petrescu has shown himself to be extremely vindictive and we are not quite sure exactly WHAT he is capable of."

A few days ago in what some say is a response to losing power, and the Petrescu camp say is a response to Ciaran CheXavior's [a url=]anti-Pretrescu taxes in Limerick[/a], Peterescu proposed to issue billions of IEP(as announced by Micheal Collins on [a url=]the forum[/a]). The proposal was being voted in favor by a large margin, until [a url=]admin deleted[/a] the proposal, as it was [a url=]announced[/a] the day before that issuing more than 100,000 currency was now forbidden.

Canada remained mostly silent during this escapade.

Then two days ago, Mexico, led by Alfonso(who was seen as a great threat earlier in the month, although his daily war proposals to Spain becoming the laughing stock of the eWorld), [a url=]sugested war [/a]against Spain again. The proposal passed 14 to 2.

The Mexicans decided to merge themselves with Spain to relieve themselves of the goons, who have been country hopping ever since their first country of choice, Greece, was put into economic peril by the former regime, led by Cappelli King, before he lost power to them. Since then the same has happened in Turkey, and the goons now run two different countries, and were looking for one without crippling economic problems.

When Mexico declared war on Spain, Portugal, and ally of Spain, was also put directly into battle with Mexico.

The Canadian Rangers and Alucard(paid for personally by Adam Sutler) were sent to Portugal to protect that border. They are now fighting against the goons, Pakis, and freelancers in Mexico