Rules for organizational entities

Day 78, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

Rules for organizational entities

As you know, Citizens of Erepublik constantly come up with new interesting ideas that we never thought of or that we haven't been able to develop yet. Banks, lotteries and ministers have appeared in almost every country. Some were created by Presidents to help them rule the country, some by regular Citizens to place their mark on the New World.

Notwithstanding, new entities have to respect the Erepublik rules. The exception concerns the rule of one citizen = one real person, that we have. It is OK to administrate your personal account and another organization entity account as long as you abide by the following rules:
1. The new account should not be hired (an employee)
2. The new account should not be a soldier
3. The new account should not be a member of any party
4. The new account should not vote in any elections

Additional explanations:
- As administrative expenses, you should buy food in order to keep the new account alive.
- The accounts created by Presidents and representing country entities should contain within their name the world "National". The current Presidents can demand from the former Presidents the login details of those accounts and we will help, if needed, to make the transfer.
- We strongly advise Presidents to start working on a set of rules (Constitutions) that should be voted by the Citizens after a public debate. We will promote the voting of country constitutions and help that country, if needed to apply the law.
For paid law consultancy we recommend you contact Platonic or any other Citizen that has a juridical background.
- Without a valid contract (see Forum - "Contracts" category) it is difficult for us to administrate problems concerning your loans, game prizes, law contracts or any other agreements between Citizens. Therefore, again: if you want to have a back-up, use the "Contracts" category.

These rules are provisional until where needed an alternative is developed.

Turning the media into a profit source

Newspapers are considered to be a profitless source, not a real industry as it does not produce money. It is meant to be a useful tool to help Citizens build democracy (or not), dialog and promote their ideas in their country. As at this moment we are working on improving this module we would be happy to get your feedback.

We are interested to hear your suggestions that will satisfy both the publishers and the readers:

New invitations, more gold for each citizen

As the loading speed on Erepublik got better and we want to let countries populations grow larger we decided to give 5 more invitations to each of Erepublik Citizen.
We advise you to make good use of those invitations as you can get up to 25 Gold if they are well and allies.

The Erepublik Team