Day 267, 21:23 Published in USA Australia by calibur

I had the distinct honor on interviewing Justiniout President of the newly reorganized Constitutionalists Party

Hello Senator how are you?

I am doing good

Let’s begin
Now you are a Senator for the United States , how many terms have you had for this prestigious title?

Well, lets see. I have been a congressmen since the month of June. So this is my 3rd month as a Congressmen, and my 5th month in erepublik.

You ran for President of the United States why do you believe that you were unsuccessful?

As I have said in a recent article. I feel I lost because of the public Endorsement by Roby Petric of the USWP, and the inactivity of my own Party. I feel I tried my hardest and have been the most qualified candidate for our country at this time. If my countrymen do not agree then it is not time for me to be President.

You are also Party President, what have you done as President of the GameFAQ party?

As Party President of Erepublik I have brought a greater connection between the GameFAQs Forum and the GameFAQs Party. I have started a welcoming committee more recently, but before was messaging every new user myself. Making sure all their questions were answered and that they were employed. I have also strived to bring not only new members, but new activity to the Party. This is still taking work, but as I seek another term as Party President of GameFAQs I am seeking great things for our party.

Do you approve of the current President of the US?

Yes I do approve of Archibald. Even in my campaigning against arch I had never said he would be a bad president. I think he is doing a good job at the current time. If this changes in the future I will be sure to help our country in any way possible.

What more do you believe he could or should do?

I believe there is a few things that should be improved on, but it really is not my place to place judgement on or to tell our president how to do his job. My only vice is that we have not seen or heard as much from him as I feel we should with our president, and it leaves a lot of country in the dark as to where our country is going.

What do you think about the current situation in Mexico?

Well, as the situation has been widely publicized I feel everyone has their own opinion at this time. I think what the Spanish and Mexican President have done is low and unethical. If they wanted to do this correctly they should have obtained the approval of their citizens first. I hope that the proposal for war is never approved by the congress and the matter goes no further than it has.

Do you believe that the US should intervene?

I do not feel it is the US"s place to intervene politically or militarily at the moment. I have contacted my allies and informants in these countries and feel no war should result, but if it is the case. I feel the US should send aid to mexico to defend it from being taken over by spain.

What of the situation in Ireland? Should we intervene?

I am saddened by the events that took place in ireland, but I feel that there is nothing that we can do. I have been contacted by Irishmen about establishing some connections between the US and ireland in an attempt to help their economy grow. I feel if we can assist them economically as a country we should try. If they feel they have lost their country. We should let them know that we will welcome them here with open arms.

Thank you very much, I wish you luck in the political future