Mediterranean Alliance, Death and Rebirth(International)

Day 266, 14:20 Published in USA USA by Emerick

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"Yes, MA is dead, even we still have the MPPs for own our protection, and because we think that we can arrange a future Alliance born from the ashes of the MA." -MVerslayer, president of Spain

i think it's already collapsed, but from its ashes something else is already borning -bisiacco, president of Italy

There's a feeling in the [a url=]Mediterranean Alliance[/a] not of a dead alliance, but of hope. You'll notice that both bisiacco and MVerslayer used the same metaphor to describe the current state of their alliance, the oldest announced alliance in eRepublik. Adam Sutler desn't even consider the alliance dead. He says, poking fun at our past president who sugested war against Canada in April, "As long as the MA members pledge to defend one another against vicious invasion and the depedations of the War Criminal Nave Saikilliah, the M.A. will never be considered dead."

Sulter says that the alliance isn't dead, but rather in a state of reform. While the other two presidents I talked to agreed that the MA was going through reform, they openly stated that the MA should be considered dead until they finish writing their new charter.

What caused the collapse? I asked bisiacco, and she said that "the partial lacking of common goals btween some countries" caused a strain that couldn't be ignored. The most important disagreement was whether the MA should be a purely defensive alliance, or one that attacks and aids attacks when it's threatened. A good example is [a url=]The Alpine War[/a], when France and Italy declared war against Switzerland when Switzerland made an MPP with Norway. Italy and France saw it as an aggresive act against the MA, and when they asked the alliance to vote on it, the war was passed with a seven to one vote; seven in favor. Spain was the only country who opposed the war.

Another strain, the breaking point, according to MVerslayer was the proposal by Italy to allow members to ally with countries in the top 8. Says MVerslayer: "The alliance got broken because of the Italian proposal aproved by all countries except Spain.It wasnt by rules because MA Charter stated on their 28 Article that a change on the MA charter should be agree between all countries." He continues to explain, saying, "the proposal to have MPPs with top8 countries" yet when I asked bisiacco about the proposal, she considered the motion passe😨 "we called a vote among Ma members before doing it. ALL countries but spain voted ok to modify the charter, allowing this kind of mpp: 7/8 vote yes....we considered the votation passed"

Obviously there were more than a few discrepancies between what the members thought of the MA, and how it should act. The alliance is officially broken right now(according to 2/3 of my sources), and will probably act as if they weren't in a rigid alliance. They're currently working out a new charter. I asked MVerslayer, Adam Sulter, and bisiacco if they think all of the former members of the MA will join after the new charter is finished. They all sounded optimistic. bisiacco said, "we have very good relationship with all countries former ma. the alliance with them is not in discussion at all, and the same with pakistan and indonesia. some proposal are on the table and we are discussing about them, mostly because we are trying not to do the same mistakes of the past. we will see what will born, but im pretty sure that all or most of the ma former countruieswill be in a new alliance"