"The Man who would be President"--An exclusive interview

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In the lead up to the coming presidential elections, the Londonian was lucky enough to gain an exclusive interview with the head of the UK Action Party, Big Duncan Ferguson.

Why do you want to be President?
BDF: "Basically, it's an important job that needs to be done, the current government are failing to do it, and I know I have the skills and the support of the UKAP to accomplish what we need. Just like anyone else in the UK, I want a great country to live in. This has been wrongly denied to us by a government that doesn't care, fails to act, and can't be trusted to do so in the future. I know that we at the UK Action Party have the policies and the dedication to right the wrongs that have been done, and to bring the UK to its rightful position at the top of the world."

What do you feel is the greatest issue currently facing the UK?
BDF: "The biggest issue right now is getting the infrastructure set up that we need. We're third world right now, let's face it. Other countries, like the United States and Sweden have much greater quality of life because they have the necessities such as housing and health care. Why the hell do we, who are just as capable as the Americans and the Swedes, suffer homelessness and this lack of health care? It shouldn't happen, and it won't in the future. We need hospitals, and we need housing. Those are two big things. More importantly, we need these necessities provided locally because we can't let ourselves be held at the mercy of foreign providers."

How do you intend to address this if you're elected?
BDF: "In a government lead by the UK Action Party, this is going to be accomplished by policies that are going to foster the development of our nation's economy. We're going to be quite protectionist, and we're going to use our yet-untapped government resources to subsidize companies that will be a part of the jump-start of our economy. Not too long from when we get into power, we're going to have the diverse industrial economy that we will need to get health care and housing to our citizens who currently lack it (ie all of them)."

How will you deal with the housing crisis?
BDF: "This is one of the most important issues, and like I've said, it's going to be handled by quickly, with government assistance, developing the industrial base we need to get these houses to our people. Frankly it's shocking how badly the EPP have neglected things like this. They've made absolutely no effort to pool the nation's resources and pull off community initiatives like the ones we propose. Every once in a while, the president would propose a bill that his non-existant congress wouldn't even vote on, or he'd release a press release that was totally without substance. On the other hand, once we get into power, things will be done."

Will you continue to support The Bank of England et al?
BDF: "No. The "Bank of England" and the "Ministry of Defence" are nothing. They're going to be ineffectual and the UKAP government will have better ways to accomplish what they set to accomplish. The BoE and MoD have done nothing so far, and without the EPP congress even functional, they won't in the future."

The current president has often been criticized for his somewhat hands off approach to the job, do you intend to follow in his footsteps?
BDF: "... it's already been pretty well-established that the guy in all likelihood doesn't even know he's president. He hasn't done anything, he won't because the EPP's on-paper membership is incredibly inactive, and the future has nothing in store for them. With the UKAP in congress, and me in the presidency, and eventually UKAP mayors in our cities, the UK is going to bounce back from the disadvantage it's been dealt by a month with the current "president" "

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, with a strong message about the infrastructure needs of our nation the UKAP is sure to put up a good fight in the coming round of elections. Whilst their dismissal of current government priorities such as the Bank of England will raise some hackles, we shall have to wait and see how that might affect their electoral appeal.

In our next issue, we hope to have a similar interview with the current President, snow_gibbon. Until then best wishes and a very Merry Christmas to you all.