5000 Working Days in a row !!!!

Day 5,544, 00:05 Published in Greece Greece by Kravenn

Hello everybody,

I know, it’s been a while since I hadn’t written an article in my newspaper but I have some reasons for that : I had no reason to write, I didn’t want to write and I’m totally retired from ePolitical life and almost too from erepublik “active” life.

My mood when I should write an article

Since my latest article (around 2000 days ago), I moved a bit but most of the time I kept my Greek citizenship and at a point I switched to Russian but I asked again for Greek one. Currently, I’m still Greek but residing in Taïwan mostly for their bonuses and my food companies (No plan to switch citizenship or move from there).

Yes, I did it !!!

5000 days ago (May 18th 2009 or day 545), a friend asked me to join Erepublik and … I was a bit lost because it has few links to the current interface but it has more interests. War’s length was 24h (85% of them were real ones), your production depended on your health, houses had no durability, you could sabotage an employer (useful during war) and you could only hit 50 times in a campaign. Like most players who stayed, I began to train, fight and especially work and since that day, I never missed a single one. I won’t hide it : my boss likes me because I’m loyal and also well paid (No employers complained against my daily work)

First reaction on Erepublik

Every month, always the same thing, I grumble I don’t receive enough gold for my hard worker medal (I suggest 1st HW Medal = 1G - 100 HW Medal = 100G) and I even asked Plato to create a special decoration which would be given on 500 - 1000 - 2000 … working days in a row but he is too lazy or greedy to do something there.

Plato's "lovely" answer when I asked decoration for hard working

To finish, I may not be the player with the most working days in a row but I easily believe I’m in the Top 5 and also, it’s one of the few records who can’t be bought with gold. Don't worry, I'm still motivated for 5500 and even 6000 working days in a row.

Keep Smile