CAG Group party

Day 263, 12:35 Published in Italy Italy by carloarturo

"TO BRING ENLIGHTMENT TO THE PEOPLE", like this speaks newly self proclaimed GodCarloArturo!

"Dio Brando is noone" and "CAG Group Party will prove it bringing more fun and enlightment to the eRepublik game, crowd, universe!"

[a url=]CAG party is here[/a]
After creating the first and long lasting successful party of DeF back 263 days ago.
After 5 services as President of eItaly, after being the Sindaco of Milan one time, after creating National eItaly and the public Coop sector, after inventing donations and mortgages in the game (see previous articles here for a quick story), carloarturo beacomes mad and gives some spicy new fun in the game.
Will he go somewhere? What is going on in his mind? Chi vivrà vedrà

[a url=]CAG party[/a]