TRC: Worker Skills in the V1 Economy

Day 246, 14:01 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Kaleb

V1 is coming! And with it there are going to be a number of neat changes and new additions in various aspects of the game.

The beta community's help will be needed as much as ever in V1 as there will no doubt be some fine-tuning needed in the new economy in order to get the balance just right.

One such change that will be coming is a re-categorisation of citizens' work skills.

At the moment, your citizen has a skill for each product they procude. So if you makes Houses you have a skill in Housing, if you make Weapons you get a skill in weapons.

This is a bit unrealistic as in real life if you are good at making houses it may be fair to expect you would be good at making other constructions too! This is also unwieldy as in V1 there are going to be new types of companies and new products to go with them. I am sure in V2, V3 etc there are going to be more and more. So it is going to be awkward is you have to be able to see your skill in each product!

So what will be changing is that in V1 companies will be grouped according to their type and citizens will get a skill based on their "industry type" rather than the actual product they make.

The re-categorisation will be as follows:

Construction: Housing, Hospitals + a new product
Manufacturing: Weapons, Food, Gifts, Moving

And... there will be a new 'Industry'...


There will be 5 raw materials that are needed to produce other products.

If you have skill 5 in Housing you will automatically get skill 5 in Construction in V1. If you have skill 3 in Gifts and Skill 2 in Moving then the plan is that you will receive Skill 3 in Processing. So your highest skill in an industry will be the one that is transferred (although this bit is not confirmed yet).

These changes are being announced in advance so citizens can take this into account when developing their own skills or running training companies.

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