Announcement: eHungary chooses official Coat of Arms and Anthem

Day 246, 10:13 Published in Romania Romania by Móric Kalácssütõ Barkács


July 21 - Haglee, the President of Hungary enacts the new CoA as the first official one in the history of Hungary in eRepublik.

July 22 - The hungarian government agrees on the official Anthem of eHungary

After the realization that eHungary is still not having an Official Coat of Arms and Hymn, steps have been taken by the government to change this.

President Haglee, on the July 21 of 2008 decided on the new CoA (shield) of Hungary.
The Coat of Arms is semi-historical, it resembles the real one of the early 19th century. The difference between the two is that the shield remains the current one, and it is supported by two angels.
The decision was made considering that the neighbours of eHungary might be upset if the 100% historical one would be used, which represents heraldically parts of the nation which are not anymore part of Hungary, thus the eHungary CoA was enacted with the idea to keep friendship and good relations with those nations aswell.

The new CoA has already been uploaded onto [a url=]eWikipedia[/a].

The Anthem of Hungary became the real one after a short negotiation in the government, the majority agreed that no other could represent eHungary better, nor is any other of the options so beautiful.

The Anthem: Hymn of Hungary