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STOCKHOLM, Sweden - With a burgeoning population of 1600+, Sweden has captured the spot as the most populous country in the world, ousting previous first place baby maker, Pakistan. The surge in Sweden's popularity has not yet been determined and no accusations of foul play have been made. The only explanation at this point is that Swedes are boring people who really enjoy an economic simulation community game and social networking site.

No statements have been released in from the Pakistani government. Our analysts assume that the Pakistani Leadership do not consider Sweden a threat at this point and only advise that we build our resources in preparation for the utter destruction of the infidels in Iran and the bringing of a new era of Peace under President Dio Brando, God-Emperor of Mankind.

The Swedish president, Landie, was unavailable for comment at this time.

Of note, even though it possesses the 1st place population with over 600 people living in Stockholm, Sweden lags behind Pakistan in several key areas. Most important are the Economy and Military, which Pakistan still holds 1st place in by a wide margin.

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