Create your own Erepublik application

Day 240, 09:09 Published in USA by Plato

Most of our team is now developing goodies, which will be available when we launch the next version of Erepublik. One of these, will be a small widget that any user can install in order to be notified when he receives a new message or alert, without having a web browser open. Large sets of XMLs (Extensible Markup Language) like the latest news or the war coverage, will also be available in order to help others create these kind of widgets.

Erepublik API

The Erepublik application programming interface (API) is a set of functions (or procedures) that we will provide, in order to support requests made by other computer programs.

We will offer the necessary tools for Citizens that use our API system, to link their external application (banks, insurance companies, lotteries, casinos, etc) to Erepublik. The applications approved by us, will receive a unique key, that we will help users transfer or withdraw Erepublik money or Gold from that specific application to their Erepublik user account. Regular Citizens will have to register themselves on the external apps in order to use the two functions (transfer and withdraw).

These external applications will help extend the boundaries of the Erepublik world and will act as a solution to more complex modules like a stock market. With the launch of this new feature, we can truly say that what Citizens can do in Erepublik is only limited by their own imagination.
If you are interested in receiving information about the XML or the API as soon as it is available and be one of the first to have an Erepublik app please [a url=]contact us[/a] and let us know what sort of application you would like to develop

Any other tips or suggestions are welcome.
The Erepublik Team