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Day 72, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

General elections tomorrow

The World of Erepublik is preparing for another round of general elections. This time the stakes are higher and it will be much harder in some countries to gain a Presidential or Congress seat. The Spanish for example had a very interesting initiative (by: tagaro, they organized a political debate using chat (giving us a feature idea for V1) . If you can understand Spanish you can check out a summary of the debate in this article: most of the candidates participated.

Meanwhile we prepare for the elections day from an admin point of view:
- We will clean out the parties of dead or banned Citizens; so if you will see that your party has suddenly less members, it means that the banned or dead members in you party have been removed. (We are working on a automated solution for this)
- We will keep a close eye on the Citizens that will vote tomorrow so that the results will not be affected by potential fake accounts - beware that we will ban also the main accounts that we catch creating fake accounts even if they are important members of the community. Cheating is cheating and it's bad for the community and ultimately bad for the one who cheats.

Small change in the productivity formula

One of the variables deciding each employee's work productivity is what we call "employees daily presence". It is calculated based on 2 factors: the total productivity of the Employees that worked in that day and the total productivity of the Employees working in the company. So a company that has it's workers coming to work daily will have a maximized productivity. The new formula is not so drastic and the influence will not be ranged from 33% to 300% as before, but with values from 80% to 120%.

We understand that some simply can't come everyday. On this we are thinking of ways for holidays not to influence company productivity and also thinking of potential citizen development activities that could be done weekly rather than daily for the citizens who might prefer a longer once per week visit to the Erepublik world rather than a short daily one. Ideas and feedback welcome...

New country page

We are proud to present you the new Country pages (Social, Economy, Politics, Military, Media), Sweden's:
The pages are loading very fast and are presenting verified data. The pages should be bug free so if you see something strange there please report it to us and we will resolve it asap.

You can also have a look at the regions page that is now optimized. Madrid's:

The most important features provided in those new pages are: valid macro economical stats and easer access to each country marketplace to check prices (link in the right side of the economy page).

The next optimized page that we will provide will be the Marketplace.

Thank you from the Erepublik team

LATER EDIT: Don't forget the rule that only the Presidents of the top 5 parties in each country can participate at the elections!