Sweet Sorrow

Day 239, 02:45 Published in USA USA by Platonic

An e-mail popped up in my inbox today notifying me that I was dead. As I was that my ability to read the email proved otherwise, I deduced that either erepublik is being incredibly existential or that my character died.

Logging on, I found the latter to be true.

Methinks that rather than make the effort of reviving and feeding myself over and over and over again whilst doing little else, I think it's time to retire Mr. Platonic from this game. It's been fun, and despite my numerous complaints about the game I did honestly enjoy my time and the copious amount of subsequent drama that this website spawned for me.

Many thanks to all those who endured myself and my ego throughout the months, and a shout out to Kaleb because he's generally been the most interesting fellow I've dealt with here. It's been a fun half-year guys.

Of course, I'm not gone forever. Anyone who wants to get in touch with me for whatever reason can find me at platonicnirvana[at]gmail.com, I'm always going to be at least lurking on #/v/akistan and I might find myself back here come version 1. Anyhow, who knows? The internet is a small place, and I'm usually in a wide variety of places at once. I'm sure I'll see some of you again somewhere else.

Oh, right, if you're ever in nanjing/beijing/shanghai/tokyo/osaka/lon don/paris/new york/los angeles/boston and notice an extraordinarily well-dressed and handsome gentleman walking the streets with a stylish hat, don't bother him. I'm probably busy.