Inflation in Erepublik

Day 234, 13:09 Published in USA by Plato

Inflation represents the rise in general level of prices of goods in Erepublik over time. Inflation can be thought as a decrease in the value of the unit of currency and it is believed that high rates of inflation are caused by high rates of growth of the money supply.

We have introduced the inflation rate system in Erepublik, which will help Presidents to have another tool to use when they decide the tax rates in a country. The inflation rate is daily updated and you can find it in the economy section of each country page. It is calculated based on the rise of prices of all goods sold from the marketplace during the last seven days.

[a url=]Here[/a] are the inflation rates for all countries in Erepublik for the last seven days.

Community coverage

- [a url=]The Swedish Nobel Prize[/a] was an interesting event organized by [a url=]Hypogeum[/a] last week. The prizes won by the competitors covered a large range of domains including Society, Economy and Media. Special awards like the Political and Honorary distinction were also given to important community members such as [a url=]Ziggyzag[/a] and [a url=]Misho[/a]

- Another Erepublik community meeting, this time in Constanta, Romania will take place tomorrow at 17:00 local time. Three team members ( [a url=]George[/a], [a url=]Cristi[/a] and [a url=]Geo[/a]) , will have the chance to meet [a url=]Shoby[/a], the President of Romania and other Erepublik Citizens from that region. For more details please contact [a url=]Shoby[/a] by private message and you can also read the announcement made [a url=]here.[/a]

- The top [a url=]wiki[/a] contributors contest is about to start. The prizes for the first places will be Erepublik T-shirts and stickers. We will judge the quantity and also the quality of the content published by users. We will be back in the following days with a full coverage of the contest on our [a url=]wiki[/a] and [a url=]forum[/a]

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