[TP] Finally pet-heir unveils Abdul Yusuf's last moments

Day 234, 01:33 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Sandtux
In exclusive for The Pakistani, Sandtux exposes the facts he presenced last 30th June when Abdul Yusuf was taken away from his very own house.

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It is very sad for me remembering that night, but it also strenghens me to keep on fighting for our Holy Land.

Like any other evening, later after dinner, [a url=http://www.erepublik.com/profile-335132.html]Master Abdul[/a] and me were resting in our comfortable Q4 house at Gandhinagar. I have always felt very fortunate to live in a country were is possible for so many people affording that high quality housing. I was spending my time burnishing my lucky knife, while Master was at his computer checking how Pharmapak and Red Croissant's stuff were going on. After a while he seemed surprised, and I approached him with curiosity.

He told me that odd events were going on at Motherland. Many pakistanis were being taken away, and also some company was seized, like [a url=http://www.erepublik.com/profile-211561.html]Darkseid[/a]'s medics training facility, [a url=http://www.erepublik.com/company-32341.html]Dispenser[/a]. He was took too.

Master looked concerned, although not scared of that events. I went back to my knife, but some time after that we heard the sound of what seemed to be heavy vehicles. We had little time to react, as in a moment house door was knocked down. Then many people entered the house. They were all dressed in black, but with weird wigs on them. They looked around and headed towards Master, and then I understood what was going on.

I tried, Dio knows I tried, to stop them, but due to my lack of military training for being too young, I had not enough strengh and I were easily taken apart by two of them holding me by my flippers. Alone, Master confronted them, who were increasing in number as more and more of them arrived. With bare hands, as we had not guns because of [a url=http://www.erepublik.com/article-344981.html]PAK-47[/a]'s being [a url=http://www.erepublik.com/market-weapons-0-57-0-.html]a bit expensive[/a] and war not expected in the future, Master managed to take down many of them by multiple hit combos. House was messed up as fight was going over, but finally, after beating half a dozen of them, overwhelming number of wigged men in black succeded in dazing Master with a stun gun. Holding him by his forearms, dragging his feet along the floor, they took him across the knocked down door. As he was passed by, he turned back his swollen face, black eyed, and said to me "clickan gaems".

Then I got hit at my head and fainted. Next thing I remember is waking up among flames, as fire was set to house. With a fast look at the even working computer my fears were confirmed as proves the image I share with you. I barely had time to get out of the house, and, exhausted, collapsed on the ground, as house was burned into ashes. All of that was recorded, as from Red Croissant alert was given about Master's dissapareance, but those records were erased without justification.

Orphaned, homeless, ruined. That would have ended me at any other country, but not here, not in Pakistan. Mayor calaf and others took care of me, President Schlong itself concerned about my future. Encouraged, I decided to honor my heritage taking up again Red Croissant and Pharmapak and carrying on with Master's unfinished projects. I train daily since then. And I don't leave my PAK-47 even when I take a bath.

But there was time for homage too. Ichi Tripfaggort called for the [a url=http://www.erepublik.com/forum-topic-43102.html]memory of Abdul Yusuf[/a], and so did Agent Chieftain [a url=http://www.erepublik.com/article-384452.html]at Za Warudo newspaper[/a]. Lots of people came to show their support and sorrow. That was so beautiful. And also people of Gandhinagar erected him a [a url=http://www.erepublik.com/article-398821-vote.html]Memorial[/a]. I am honored of being his pet-heir.

Thank you all pakistanis. And thank to all of you enlighted by Dio at least for a moment, when you had Master in mind. It does credit you.

Pride. Power. Pakistan.