Remember Abdul Yusuf

Day 231, 11:11 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Yusuf Park

We, people from Gandhinagar, to avoid oblivion of [a url=]Abdul Yusuf[/a], honor his memory with that Memorial, wich will remember to future generations how he contributed for Holy Nation of Pakistan's progress and how he ended his days for it.

Loyal and fearful of Dio, Abdul Yusuf humbly come to the Land of Sand at God-Emperor's Call at May 11th, 2008, leaving his home and goats at the mountains.

As Press Director, he founded [a url=]The Pakistani[/a] newspaper, first at eRepublik having a [a url=]parallel Interreal Edition[/a]. From it, he offered pakistani people a design for [a url=]national Coat of Arms[/a], an exclusive about the [a url=]pakistani rupee notes and coins design[/a], and sponsorized the [a url=]election[/a] among several proposals of a [a url=]flag[/a] for Dio Brando's Realm of Peace.

Also, he actively participated in national politics, creating Gandinaghar's [a url=]local party[/a], and joined [a url=]national discussion about economics[/a], although his comments were erased, and established Ms. Shazia's Harem, where exhausted pakistani soldiers could rest between visits at sexy medics national hospitals after fulfiling Pakistan's various military duties.

Concerned about pakistanis welfare he created [a url=]Red Croissant SO[/a] and implemented an entrepreneurial [a url=]Healthcare Program[/a] that, once more, demonstrated eworldwide Pakistan's social security system superiority. Following that path, Ms. Shazia's assistans later on were employed at [a url=]Pharmapak[/a], pakistani pharmaceutical compounds company located at Gandhinagar.

Publicily appointed ambassador at Portugal, he could not fulfil that duty, as many other projects he were working on related to country productivity system, foreign affairs and legal system.

Abdul Yusuf left us at June 30th, 2008, after being taken away with heavy opossition from his house during the night, before his penguin pet eyes.

We, comrades and debtors of his endeavour, implore mighty Dio to take care of his soul.

(Feel free to write below your last desires for Abdul Yusuf's soul. Also subscribe to that Memorial as an act of regard for him, you will not be bothered with subsequent articles.)