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Day 224, 04:53 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

- Last week we had a good time [a url=]reading stats[/a] about country's populations and growth rates made by [a url=]gR3Ed[/a]. Interesting to see that the population in all the Erepublik countries had at least a 30% growth in the last month.

- One of the features in v1 is that all countries (and citizens, organizations, parties, companies ) will be linked to their [a url=]wiki[/a] pages. There citizens will be able to read about the history of the Erepublik countries. You are off course welcomed to complete and edit those history pages.

- As you may know, last week we had some issues with hacking attempts on the admin account. The situation is now under control. Sadly, these events consumed time and resources from our team. As a result instead of working for V1, some of us had to track down and solve those glitches. We just worked extra and now we are back on schedule and full speed towards the next version.

- Another Erepublik meeting, this time it is in Bilbao and it will take place on the 16th of August. As we have stated before, we encourage Citizens to organize this kind of events and we always try to help if we can. For more details, you can contact [a url=]Taguaro[/a] or read a [a url=]complete coverage[/a] in [a url=]Agora[/a]. If you wish to organize an event in your city, please [a url=]let us know[/a]

- The [a url=]first set[/a] of statistics about the city's population in Erepublik was presented by [a url=]Astromaniac[/a] in his newspaper, [a url=]Vere Mundus[/a]. In his latest articles, the top three cities in Erepublik (regarding the number of inhabitants ) were presente😨 [a url=]Jakarta[/a] with a population of 1088 Citizens, [a url=]Sao Paulo[/a] with 767 Citizens and [a url=]Bucharest[/a] with 631Citizens.

- The 8th General Elections in Erepublik are taking place today. Please remember that Citizens who moved from one country to another in the last 10 days are not able to vote in these elections. Good luck to all competitors and tomorrow we will be back with a full update of the new Presidents.

Thank you for your support.

The Erepublik Team