[TP] VOTE for Dio Brando's Realm of Peace FLAG

Day 210, 11:15 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Suspended

From The Pakistani we are glad to sponsorize the free public election by God-Emperor's subjects of the flag under wich we all sand-citizens will unite in the first truly international entente, aimed to spread the Holy Word of Peace over all eGlobe, enlightening the nations shadowed by pig-disgusting swede-capitalism.

This entente is no other than His Divine Majesty's Realm of Peace, state tie based on confessional, cultural, economic and political reasons, intended to be widen as all nations become pacified and taught in dioism.

You may find attached a flags proposal. Please feel free of clicking on it to enlarge and make your choice, commenting flag number of your election. Voting will last until Day 212.

Flag election resulting from votes will stand for official emblem of the Realm of Peace, for eglobal admiration and praise.