Questions about War

Day 69, 00:00 Published in USA by Plato

Dear Citizens,

Military module

An interesting discussion started on the Military forum and a lot of questions appeared.

Here are our answers:
1. The rumor is that the war engine will be turned on in March?
- Yes, we want to implement a beta version of the war system at the end of March (its not a rumor, it was in a previous post).
2. The rumor is that a high amount of GDP is needed for war from both the attacker and defender?
- No, but will cost gold to start a war.
3. Will a war occur only across bordering countries?
- Usually, yes, but there will be some exceptions (USA, Japan, Australia, etc.)
4. If a war can occur across non-bordering countries, will the intermediate country have to allow access, or will that country have to be attacked first?
- No, there will be no intermediate access.
5. Will you have to have a navy to attack an island nation?
- Not in the beta it might be the case later
6. Will all soldiers attacking need moving tickets?
- No but for those who have transport companies do not worry those tickets will become very useful when wars start. We are also working on another type of activity that will require moving tickets.
7. Soldiers that are attacking are not producing as employees. Will the attacking country have to purchase food to last the war period (supplies).
- You can attack even if you are an employee. Still, there will be Guardians that will be paid soldiers and will be able to defend regions, not attack. (Also don't forget that a wounded soldier is less productive when he works).
8. Are all wars surprise attacks, or must they be announced?
- Will be announced 12 or 24 hours pre-war period.
9. If they are announced, shall we post it in the contracts section?
- Not necessary
10. Can we use two weapons?
- No. One weapon only is used for each fight.
11. Will we need to have soldiers on standby in a region in order to repel an attack at all, or risk being overrun?
- It's recommended to have Guardians defending those regions.
12. How do you intend to make it a dynamic process? Or is it just a calculation of numbers of soldiers and strength versus the opposing country?
- We are trying to find the best solution. We are thinking more of calculations plus hazard on battles 1vs1, we will also try to spice it up a little with basic animations (don't worry still browser based, no 1 500 Meg 3D cards required)
13. What about having fighting styles to add flavor?
- This sounds interesting but in the first version of the war module it will not be implemented.
14. Is there any financial advantage for the winning country at war? How does it work?
- The main advantage is ruling the occupied regions and receiving local taxes.
15. If all of a country's territories are taken over, is it truly gone forever? If so, what if a country does succeed in taking over the world?
- First of all the Guardians will have a small advantage so it's easier to defend than to attack. Second, implementing the Fight for Freedom module will make it hard for countries that occupy enemy territories to keep them without having big military costs (i.e.: Empires are possible but the bigger they are the harder it is to keep them)


On the 1st of February there will be a new round of elections for the President and Congressmen seats in all 43 Erepublik countries. We all should start preparing for it. One decision that we are considering depending on your feedback is to limit the number of Congressmen in each country. At the moment the number of Congressmen is equal to 1/10 of the country population with a maximum of 100. Still, we think that a maximum of 40 congressmen would be more reasonable. What do you think?

Thank you from the Erepublik team