Import taxes must be risen

Day 201, 15:59 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by Suspended

During last [a url=]Germany[/a]'s borders Pacification War, and even now while we support fair [a url=]hungarian actions[/a] against their enemies, it has being clearly experienced the foreigners infiltration in our national markets. Unscrupulous inspired by swede-capitalism had been selling in our markets basic products doing profit with pakistani needs. Our national pride and of our superior economic system makes us to take actions inmediatly to avoid that ever happening again.

It can be seen today, as any single day, that pig-disgusting imports are present in our [a url=]Gifts[/a] market, for example [a url=]NGI - GiftWorld[/a], an austrian company, selling Q1 gifts as low as 0.73 PKR, being the pakistani official price 1.50 PKR, or spanish [a url=]SDS Gifts[/a] Q2's at 2.13 PKR, when every sand-citizen should have access to national ones at 2.50 PKR, even [a url=]Mary Janes Gift Shop[/a] is selling them for amazing 2.99 PKR. And at Q3, greek [a url=]C R toys[/a] sells under the 3.50 PKR official price. At Gifts domain other foreign companies are trying to enter too, but without so dangerous prices.

Not only at Gifts are we suffering that attack but at [a url=]Moving Tickets[/a] too, and pretty much harder. Due to high holy troops mobility our market has been out of supplies, lack that even now continues, clearing the path for invading companies to take over our helpless citizens. Apart from the need of increasing productivity, what we shall write about further on, for sure allowing foreign companies to operate at high payed pakistanis prices does tempt them to fall into swede-capitalism claws.

At last, but not at least, [a url=]Weapons[/a] industry. Overheated by the intensive manufacturing during the last wars, only pakistani Q1 weapons can be found in our market, taking advantage of that situation not only infidel companies like [a url=]MC Armaments Ltda[/a] but even swede ones, as [a url=]Kaboom[/a]. Dare again contrasts with surprisingly different prices for same Q1 at national companies.

Only our traditional high quality and low priced [a url=]Food[/a] suppliers and [a url=]House[/a] and [a url=]Hospital[/a] constructions seem to avoid foreigners. We wonder from The Pakistani why not firm actions are taken to fight those dangers.

In our opinion [a url=]import taxes[/a] must be risen at maximum to avoid and discourage pig-disgusting foreign companies to try to loot our Holy Nation, and if it's the case, let some friendly country have advantageous conditions by a [a url=]trade agreement[/a], or even at exceptional occasions soft some good taxes because of market needs, being inmediatly hardened again when national goods available.