The PKR, our currency

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While times of new challenges arrives, the State Bank of Pakistan has started to distribute the new edition of the PaKistani Rupee, our currency.

Mantaining the dual system of coins and banknotes, for lesser and greater values each, the banknote designs have many modifications. Please feel free of clicking on the attached image to enlarge.

The coin keeps up traditional Homeland motifs as the reversed crescent, while the banknote varies due to the new security features. At front side an image of His Divine Majesty is included, with the national motto and the expedition date, and at back side an image depending on the value of the note, the Gandhinagar Town Hall in case of 10PKR, with the traditional "In Dio we trust" inscription.

Referring to security features, many innovations have been implemented.

The banknote paper consists of pure sand, wich feels crisp and firm (not limp or waxy).

Raised print
Special printing makes the ink feel tickling or rough in the main image, the lettering and the value numerals on the front of the banknotes.

The watermark is produced by varying the thickness of the sand-paper. It can be seen by holding the banknote against the noon sunlight. The transitions between the light and dark parts of the God-Emperor's image are smooth, as it is His love.

Security thread
The security thread is embedded in the banknote sand-paper. Holding the banknote against the noon sunlight makes it appear as a censoring dark stripe.

On some areas of the banknote tiny writing can be seen. Special magnifying glasses will be needed to see it.

UV (ultra violent) light
The sand-paper itself does glow in the dark, so banknotes can be easily found during dark dessert nights. Fibres embedded in the sand paper appear, coloured glow black, white and green, when exposed to severe light.

In circulation at present, they have been massively used when paying services like [a url=]Ms. Shazia[/a]'s Harem's, where many of our brave sand-soldiers have spent their time recovering since the last european expedition. From The Pakistani our boys have all our support for future duties.