Business Ethics Contracts

Day 181, 06:14 Published in USA USA by Moosington Enterprises

So, with our latest release from Mongoose, available [a url=]here[/a], I decided to type up this. Comments welcome.

So, with everything that I've already said, I have no issue with anyone or anything outside of unethically recruiting employees. That being said, I propose that we, as business owners, at the very least sign an ethics contract stating that we will not "poach" or approach employees about working opportunites unless they are actively seeking gainful employment elsewhere first.

Here's my reasoning.

There's a fine line between "economical growth", survival of the fittest, and attrition in the economy. By "poaching" employees in other companies, you will put the smaller companies out of business. Now that USA Proud, specifically, is growing to another quality level you will find as much as any of the rest of us just how difficult it is to find employees of higher skill levels to work in your companies, and how much we are interdependant on those smaller companies that you will put out of business by using the business practices that you are using at the moment. By running those companies out of business, you are cutting your throat, along with ours.

Not only that, but it discourages growth among other business owners that are thinking of joining the ranks as GM's but are unsure as to whether or not they can compete. If we do such, we will not be able to upgrade ourselves and become the world leader we can be.

This is a rough draft, and is not complete. Feel free to add anything you'd like for debate until we can all find something we can agree on. It is probably not complete so if anyone with a little more legal verse would like a crack at it, feel free.

Ethical Hiring Standards

Clause 1: It is considered unethical to pay employees below the standard currently adopted by the United States Government, which is 2 times the skill level of the employee.

Clause 2: It is considered unethical to approach an employee of another company, as witnessed and testified to by the employee in question about gainful working opportunites if they are not actively seeking such.

Ethical Pricing Standards

Clause 3: In accordance with free market provisions, no company nor the United States Government can regulate what a company can charge for any product. It is truly survival of the fittest in an open price market, and is up to the company owner to price his goods according to what he or she feels is "Fair Market Value" of those goods.

Clause 4: Fair Market Value shall be recognized by the United States Business Councils as no more than 18 profit whether during maritime or conflict. It is considered unethical to raise prices above this margin, or you will automatically disqualify yourself from any government incentives that may occur during, before, or after such times.

Clause 5: Workers Unions

Subsection A: All workers have the right to carry a union in the field that they belong to. A Union simply meaning they can stand together if they do not agree with the actions of a business, council, or the government in general.

Subsection B: In order to more easily communicate to the Unions, run by the workers and for the workers, the Union will "elect" or "appoint" a Representative for each field to communicate their needs and desires to their members.

Ethical Dismissal Standards

Clause 6: In accordance with fair employment practices, no employee shall be dismissed without first being given a 48 hour notice, and without being given a reason. It will not only help the GM to better understand the employees situation, but it will also help the employee improve upon their next opportunity, and ultimately become more productive within society.


By violating Clause 2, as testified to by the employee in question, you agree to pay the GM of the other business 10 Gold by donation.

By violating Clause 6, you agree to pay the employee in question 10 Gold by donation.

By signing this agreement, as the General Manager you agree to all terms and conditions herein.