A Farewell to Ill Fortune - War Boy Stories: POST 0001

Day 6,034, 16:55 Published in USA USA by Kaizar Nike

According to a statistic: only 20% of content is fully read by the internet public.

A video speaks a billion words, so how is our world doing? The daily invasion into our lives continues with Microsofts' latest AI innovations, I am done buying Windows products - I have a raspberry pi I am untraceable.

This is my intro post, I am not yet an adult in this timeline but I am already a decorated soldier. Some tips for the other youth:

Look for early wars without involvement, move into a nice place early - don't need a house til you are a big earner. After finding a nice war, get involved - even better if its an air war and put all your energy and then some snacks into it - you will get energy back as you grow up and can earn some easy gold from becoming a decorated soldier.

War takes up a fair bit of my income as I haven't joined a supporting outfit yet - I'm just fighting for the general army. That may interest you, but beware what friends you make, I discovered a foot worship cult while playing a new game and I haven't shaken it yet, your mileage may vary.

Now that your eyes are reset let's get into politics. The top 10 political parties range from the Rough Riders, who contacted me and some nobodies at 6 members at the bottom, leaving room for new interested parties to form. I need more intel on each of the parties before I join any, but as a politically interested person, I definitely don't want to see the country falling apart or taking obscene turns. I apparently could form my own party at my age, but I've yet to decide what such agenda or ideology I would follow. I always thought the Green Party was a nice idea for awhile, as our world is kinda changing. But I can be open to a fair few of our current parties, but what is the deal with the socialist party?

Leaving it on a strong note: I have two war hero medals, and I recommend other youth to join up and fight in their division one. Fight with Q4 weapons if you can, just make sure to get a good job to finance yourself.

In my personal news: I got a project to work on in 10 minutes, so gotta go sorry - til next time!

Topics for later: Forming a company and where you can get bonuses.