Federalist; Summary of Congressional Term:

Day 6,031, 23:08 Published in USA USA by Roger the Shrubber
We're experiencing military and economic success. We can all see that the right buttons are being pressed. That's about as much as I can tell you.
A couple of senators were heckling the president, but that's pretty typical.
A press release would be really nice Patnok. That's all we are missing.

Congress is talking about doubling the G.I.M.P. budget again.
After 2 months of deliberation, it looks like it might happen.

Bob Boudahili may be stepping down as Speaker of the House. We have already started discussing a potential replacement. Bob has been the Speaker for about 5 years and made accommodations across multiple social media platforms.
Those are some large shoes to fill. Thanks for all your work, Bob.

Party Politics
Malpazar has won the Federalist Party Presidential Election. He seems to have been a great pick for the Federalist Party. It's good to see his level of activity and enthusiasm. I think we knocked it out of the park.
Godspeed, Malpazar.

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