May 25th Announcement

Day 6,031, 20:33 Published in Japan Japan by metehan2010

Hello eJapanese Citizens,

I am writing this article to inform you about an incident that occurred this past week. While doing my regular financial checks I noticed that approximately 994k cc disappeared from Japanese Imperial Army (JIA) org account. That was pretty much all the money we had in that account at the time. I checked all the other org accounts and everything else seemed to be in order. Just to be safe I changed all the passwords for all the org accounts immediately.

I submitted a ticket mentioning the potential foul play and to receive the information about the specific transaction that may have occurred. Admins confirmed that a transaction occurred for that amount and let me know to which account the money was sent. They also asked me to reach out if this was a wrongful action and they would help to resolve it. I shared this information with a couple citizens initially that I thought they should be the first to know.

The citizen who took the money had access to the org back in February when he was part of the MoD team running our Air Rank Improvement and J.U.D.O programs. I contacted him on telegram and gave him a chance to come clean but he chose to deny it even after I shared a snapshot of the ticket response that clearly mentioned the transaction and his account’s involvement. This person has fled to eUSA now so I also informed eUSA government about the incident.

I apologize for my complacency around not changing the password to that org after we stopped the incentive programs when I assumed the CP position back in March. The potential damage from these kind of actions are limited and can be reversed through admins however that is no excuse to leave the temptation out there especially when we have relatively new people in government positions. JIA was the only org that login info was known by multiple citizens. All the other orgs login info were only known by the 3 former CPs. Right now I am the only one who has all the information as I mentioned above that all passwords have been changed.

I replied to the ticket ratifying the incident as malicious so admins can take the necessary actions. I will place a comment when the case is resolved and closed to keep everyone updated.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Update 5/29/2024 day 6035:

Issue has been resolved by admins. Money is returned back to the org and the player who took the money has been penalized (temporary ban)